BaDow – Hot Headed Machine

September 18, 2016 Dave Tone 0

7.8/10 England: known to have churned out a good blues-based rock band or two. The island still exports quite a bit of good music, and with Hot Headed Machine, BaDow keeps the trend going with […]


Relic Kings – Armoury EP

September 4, 2016 Dave Tone 0

7.4/10 If you are into ACDC, this Canadian band from Moose Factory, ON is for you. Relic Kings (previously known as Black Stone) have released a new EP titled Armoury that is sure to catch […]


Elephant Stone – Ship Of Fools

August 30, 2016 Dave Tone 0

9.1/10 Picture Death From Above 1979 melded with Beck and Big Data. That’s what Elephant Stone sounds like to me and with their newest release, Ship of Fools. The Montreal-based band returns with some groovy, […]


-(16)- Lifespan Of A Moth

August 8, 2016 Dave Tone 0

8.2/10  Sludge: it’s like progressive desert rock mixed with groove metal; like Kyuss mixed with Lamb of God; down-tuned guitars chugging mightily alongside a thumping bass, screaming vocals and tom-heavy drumming. Sound like your jam? Then […]


Anna Pest – Transmission

August 2, 2016 Dave Tone 0

8.6/10 Anna Pest is the solo project of Montreal’s own April Hutchin’s. This past May saw the release of Transmission, her latest EP (with an album to be released in August). Her influences include Rammstein, […]


Through Fire – Breathe

July 20, 2016 Dave Tone 0

8.1/10 Driving west on Highway 17, heading home after a few days of Northern debauchery, a new friend puts on Disturbed’s album Immortalized, which got rave reviews from all present. Through Fire just released their […]


Blank Bullets – Static Wave

July 19, 2016 Dave Tone 0

7.8/10 Do you like Amubance LTD and Deep Sea Arcade? If those names are unknown to you, please go fix that. If you mentally nodded along, you’ll be glad to discover Blank Bullets. They’re an […]


The Begowatts – Photoelectric

July 8, 2016 Dave Tone 0

7.8/10 If you’re into Deep Purple, read on. The Begowatts are a four-piece rock outfit that have recently released Photoelectric, an album that will please fans of classic rock. This band from Madison, WI are […]