Goblin Butler – Self-titled

July 21, 2016 Jacques Asselin 1

10/10 Part-tribal, part-folk, and so full of cheese (don’t worry, that’s a good thing). A friend from a past life, Steven Lee Rachel, better known as Goblin Butler, shares with us his multitude of musical […]


Starchitect – Results

July 7, 2016 Jacques Asselin 0

7/10 Starchitect, from Kherson Ukraine, are an independent, post-progressive metal band. You may be wondering what this means. Well, from experience, I’ve learned some things. In genre language, “post” usually means heavier. “Progressive” means odd […]

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Hitman

July 1, 2016 Jacques Asselin 0

Howdy, partners. I reckon you may be unwise to the goings on in these parts: there’s a Hitman on the loose. Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (and, by proxy, Halifax), Hitman are a four-piece powerhouse, […]


Death Angel – The Evil Divide

June 12, 2016 Jacques Asselin 0

9/10 When you think of a band that’s been together for thirty years, you wouldn’t expect what Death Angel delivers with The Evil Divide. Death Angel’s eighth full-length courtesy of Nuclear Blast doesn’t feel stale […]


Black Moor – Brave to the Grave

April 2, 2016 Jacques Asselin 0

10/10 Greetings, true believers of metal! Black Moor returns with their third full-length album Brave to the Grave, sending out shockwaves of metal grit from Canada’s east coast. Following the demise of Diminished 5th Records, […]


Toui Manikouth – This Service

April 15, 2014 Jacques Asselin 0

It’s time to cast aside all the high-octane, shit-ripping offerings and show you a softer side. A tenderness, if you will. The pensive reflection of a long day/week/month/year/life does not always mix well with music […]


Strike It – Zoomanity

March 3, 2014 Jacques Asselin 0

Are you looking for a soundtrack for destroying the world? Maybe you plan to kill the country. If the only thing that can bolster your aggression is the pounding kicks and fat chugs, Strike It […]


Beyond Haven – Don’t Back Down

January 5, 2014 Jacques Asselin 0

Beyond Haven. I see the appeal. I get the contrast between the chugging and the grooving of the music. The arrangements are dynamic and they deliver a tight, finely honed instrumental. It’s just… the ‘awwwwww’ […]