Mr. Lisp - Get Our Minds Right

Mr. Lisp – Get Our Minds Right

December 4, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

7.5/10 Simplicity is a thing I truly and wholeheartedly believe will revel in from time to time. Like a pig in shit, I absolutely love not having to dissect something like a fucking neurosurgeon. Such […]

Cirkus- Wild Dogs

Cirkus – Wild Dogs

November 16, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

3/10 In this spectacular job as a music pundit, there’s always going to be highlights and low lights. Obviously, you the reader were smart enough to read the score coming into this, and you may […]


Villainous – Self-titled EP

October 5, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

7.5/10 If the history of music has taught us anything… it’s probably too long to actually list! But for the purpose of my witty opener, I’m going to say it’s taught us that shit can […]