Architects – Holy Hell

Architects – Holy Hell

January 24, 2019 Jason Greenberg 0

8/10 Death is never fun for any part of life, it’s just romanticized to grandiose proportions in art. To say it in a way that doesn’t make you rage quit on your electronic device, losing […]

memphismayfire - broken

Memphis May Fire – Broken

January 10, 2019 Jason Greenberg 0

4/10 2018 is in the books and it was an odd one for recorded efforts. Then again, every year is fucking weird, I’m just trying to make some kind of sentimental point that nobody will […]


Deaf Row – Buried Alive EP

January 9, 2019 Jason Greenberg 0

5/10 Trying to break the mold can be a difficult feat. Sometimes in one’s efforts to be as unique as can be, one ends up overstuffing the mold instead of breaking it. Remember boys and […]

Mr. Lisp - Get Our Minds Right

Mr. Lisp – Get Our Minds Right

December 4, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

7.5/10 Simplicity is a thing I truly and wholeheartedly believe will revel in from time to time. Like a pig in shit, I absolutely love not having to dissect something like a fucking neurosurgeon. Such […]

Cirkus- Wild Dogs

Cirkus – Wild Dogs

November 16, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

3/10 In this spectacular job as a music pundit, there’s always going to be highlights and low lights. Obviously, you the reader were smart enough to read the score coming into this, and you may […]