Union Stockyards – TRACKS

June 18, 2014 Jesse Gainer 0

A few weeks ago I reviewed the debut EP of pop punk group Triggers. While pop punk is typically not my cup of tea, I quite enjoyed the Winnipeg quartet’s upbeat, fast-paced brand of Propaghandi […]


Triggers – Self-titled

May 27, 2014 Jesse Gainer 0

Usually when a band is described during a review as one that “wears its heart on its sleeve,” I stop reading. With few exceptions, this phrase is reviewer shorthand for contrived, overly-emotional music whose subject […]


Endast – Thrive

May 19, 2014 Jesse Gainer 0

It takes a fair amount of guts to choose a band name that means “Enduring.” One either suffers from an excess of hubris or possesses a single-minded determination to live up to the moniker. Montreal’s […]