Jean-Mo – Wild Hunt

March 19, 2019 Lee Ferguson 0

2/10 Jean-Mo, what an interesting character. Not much is said online about him, only that he is a solo artist from Quebec. But I can get down with that! Let the music speak for itself […]

The Castor Troys - Legends Never Die

The Castor Troys – Legends Never Die

January 4, 2019 Lee Ferguson 0

8/10 I’ve always pondered the expression “balls to the wall.” What are we talking about? Testicles? A tennis ball? It’s a weird expression, and yet I think it’s the perfect one to describe Legends Never […]


Good Charlotte – Generation Rx

December 17, 2018 Lee Ferguson 0

2/10 2018 Good Charlotte is a lot like that aging family dog that everyone stills loves, but is clearly slowing down and quite frankly is starting to smell a lot. You’re not going to have […]