Rodeo – Dust Bowl

July 11, 2016 Richard Brunette 0

1/10 It took me a few minutes into listening to Danish-instrumentalists Rodeo’s Dust Bowl to realize that I wasn’t listening to an album as much as I was listening to a demo to showcase their […]


Deathsticks/BHSC – Split EP

July 5, 2016 Richard Brunette 0

6/10 Ontario bands splitting an EP is a tradition as old as Alexisonfire and Moneen. Cross pollination of one band’s fan base with the other’s is a marketing strategy that Whitby’s Deathsticks and Guelph’s BSHC were […]


Vampires Everywhere! – Ritual

May 13, 2016 Richard Brunette 0

6/10 There are artists who wear their influences on their sleeve. David Bowie influenced Alice Cooper, and both in turn influenced shock rocker Marilyn Manson. It’s nothing new in music or in culture in general. […]


Swampwolf – The Laconic Bard

April 12, 2016 Richard Brunette 0

6/10 I’m a firm believer that we overcomplicate things when it comes to categorizing music. Rock, metal, hip-hop, pop, country, electronic, etc… that’s all we need. No subgenres, no post-whatever or ambient-blah-blah-blah is needed. But […]