Graveyard Strippers – Crawling

December 13, 2017 Scott Andrews 0

5/10 Graveyard Strippers consider themselves to be an industrial metal act from Montreal, Québec.  Their new album is a blend of shock rock with an industrial twist, invoking elements of Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Wednesday […]



November 28, 2017 Scott Andrews 0

10/10 The storied and exhaustive list of genres and bands that all three members of MADE OF TEETH are part of tickles my fancy. Musicians who know music are impressive, but those who keep a […]


Hobosexual – Monolith

November 15, 2017 Scott Andrews 0

9/10 Now that Royal Blood, Om, Black Cobra and ‘68 have completely surpassed all previous standards for the sonic impact of a two-piece band, it’s easy to wonder, “Where do we go now?” Combining classic […]


Midnight Peacocks – Katastroffa

November 13, 2017 Scott Andrews 0

7.5/10 It’s not often I wake up in the morning with a penchant for avant-garde metal from Israel. Indeed this album, the fifth full-length release titled Katastroffa, took me a few attempts to really get into.  Time, […]


Stabbed – Long Way Down

October 30, 2017 Scott Andrews 0

8.5/10 Stabbed cite the influence of the progressive rock and groove metal movement (such as Mastodon, Opeth, Gojira and Meshuggah) as an inspiration. I can hear this immediately, but not in a clichéd derivation, more […]


Voltang – Bad Sounds

December 2, 2016 Scott Andrews 0

9.5/10 Oxford Dictionary defines raunch (noun, informal) as “Energetic earthiness, vulgarity.” And so, the curtain matches the drapes. Raunch Rock exists, and it is indeed consistent with its own definition. Voltang emit an energetic earthiness […]


RED FANG – Only Ghosts

November 22, 2016 Scott Andrews 0

10/10 It’s not often that I get to review some long-standing musical idols of mine, so when the new RED FANG came into the newsroom, I leapt at the opportunity. With a discography that already […]