B∆ST∆RDS – It’s Been a While Since an Angel Has Fallen For Me


It’s Been a While Since an Angel Has Fallen For Me is the first LP released by B∆ST∆RDS, an Ottawa-based Hip Hop trio who released an EP back in October 2014. The title track “Curse” draws you in from the jump. Flowing on a trance beat with elements of trap, the trio lay down some heavy verses that had me smirking my way home. And it doesn’t stop there.

I’ve had the entire LP on repeat for most of the weekend and still haven’t been able to pick a favourite track, though some notables include “Dreamer,” “The Goonies Never Die,” “The Pigs are Walking” and “Weird Science.” These songs all have thought-provoking lyrics and sick beats. I really can’t stress how much I love this album. It deserves nothing less than a 10/10 for having a refreshing and unique sound full of serious talent. If you’re looking for something to get you thinking, with harsh and well-delivered lyrics on top of beats that get you bobbing your head whether you want to or not, then you need to give B∆ST∆RDS a good listen.

The artist combo on It’s been a While brings another level of perfection to this LP. “The Goonies Never Die (REMIX)” features several members of Ottawa’s local talent, KING, Aron the Alien, and Eddie Quotez (who’s opened for talent like Slimkid3 of the Pharcyde, Moka Only, N.O.R.E. and D. Pryde). Cormz tha Cancerous is featured on “The Pigs are Walking,” and the track “Omens” features E.On of The Adding Machine (who don’t disappoint.)

From track to track, Doc S∆V∆GE, Johnny Skyline, and Captain Trips will have you reeling from their lyrics and beats, leaving you wanting more; I know I do. The LP is available online for free on the group’s Bandcamp, but be a good sport and support these amazing artists!

Written by Gigi 

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Gigi is currently a student at Concordia University, studying History and Cultural Anthropology and is overtly curious about the affect music has on people and the world. Gigi was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Montreal in late 2011 to pursue academics. She grew up listening to old school rock and EDM in her mom’s car, Portuguese music at home and Latin music at her aunt’s house, all of which contributed to an eclectic taste in music. She listens to almost anything from Disney to Slayer and everything in-between if it’s well written and produced. She even once entertained the dream of doing Broadway and got a vocal coach, though her dance classes were Hip-Hop so she's not quite sure that would have worked out so well.

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