Bass Lions Release New Single Video “Be Your Man”

Fresh from the release of their audio/video experiment ‘Body Doubles” comes Bass Lions‘ self-titled studio album. Bass Lions will be released on October 28th/2014 via Fortnight Music (Lowlands, Alanna Gurr). The band will tour nationally behind the new record in 2014/2015.

Bass Lions will be pressed to limited edition 12″ vinyl, and will include a remastered version of the band’s debut record More Than Islands as its B side. The album was recorded and produced by familial collaborator Thomas van der Zaag and mastered by Joao Carvalho. The record has been described as “…what you get when talented musicians take their time. Infusing their music with tons of love and brains.

Bass Lions have previously released two records via then-up-and-coming indie Nevado/Nevado Digital (Royal Canoe, Yukon Blonde) — More Than Islands (2007), … is Diamonds (2010) — and toured nationally behind both records. They have consistently played sold out shows in local venues, and received local, national, and international press and radio support. They have shared stages with Malajube, Young Galaxy, Bahamas, YACHT and Rah Rah.

Bass Lions are a group of musicians formed around the tandem of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Nathan Stretch, and drummer Anthony James. Bass Lions work in the push and pull — combining Stretch’s spare guitar arrangements and taught lyrics with James’ frenetic drumming. Frequent collaborators include long-time friends, and family members who have absorbed Bass Lions’ penchant for tricky time signatures and syncopated, indie-rock-and-jazz arrangements into their bones, normalizing the process and resulting music along the way.

Bass Lions want to make complex music sound easy, to engage with a broad group of listeners, and continue to combine evocative, mercurial arrangements with soulful lyricism — to invite audiences in to experience the “love and brains” of Bass Lions’ personal yet adventurous recordings and live performances.

“Be Your Man (Remix – Giant Eyeball Version)” delves into the hyper-realistic. They explore the idea of perspective in their new video – the latest in a series of releases. The extreme close-up moves past clarity and into the absurd.

“Be Your Man” has been rebuilt from the stripped vocal track of the original version into a mantra, with the stark lyrics and production of a modern love song.

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