Beat Cops Going Back in Time With Debut Effort – New Single Released ‘Hit It Again’

A Montreal all-star group; Mikey Heppner (Priestess), Tim Fletcher (The Stills), Pat Bennett (Trigger Effect) and Max Hébert (Breastfeeders, Final Flash) created Beat Cops. This project is a long time coming with Mikey Heppner and Tim Fletcher forming the punk rock outfit, ‘The Dropouts’, back in 2001. ‘Priestess’ and ‘The Stills’ (Heppner and Fletcher’s respective side-projects, go ahead and Google them) put the project on hold, eating up most their time.  It was only last July (2014) when the two began taking their collaboration seriously once again and so came Beat Cops.

Recorded at Montreal’s Mountain Studio and engineered by Adrian Popovich, Beat Cops feature a heavy, guitar driven live sound that balances their punk roots with the melodic ways of classic rock. ‘Hit it Again’ is a throwback to the 70s, with punk edge and psychedelic flares.

This track is paving the way to their debut full length, titled ‘Mean Streets’, due outJune 16 via Indica Records (Half Moon Run, Phantogram).

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