Beat Cops & No Aloha – Live at TurboHaus – June 16th, 2015 – Montreal, QC

Beat Cops & No Aloha - June 16th, 2015 - Montreal, QC

In the Montreal music scene there are rock bands…and then, there are Beat Cops.

This is their story.


June 16, Turbo Haus , 9:30  pm.

A large gathering of unruly music enthusiasts have amassed at Montreal’s soon-to-be famous Turbo Haus music venue to engage in blatantly illegal activities (…in some middle eastern countries). Already a 415, a 288, and a 390 were being committed with no regard for public decency or safety. A full scale 137 could erupt soon if nothing was done.

June 16, Turbo Haus, 10:00 pm.

No Aloha

Thankfully Montreal’s  No Aloha took the stage to quell the palpable tension in the room. In a weird irony, No Aloha are actually very welcoming, and managed to ease the crowd into a false sense of warmth and security.

Rocking an upbeat mix of Garage Rock, Surf Rock, and punk, No Aloha are immensely enjoyable. Their music is loaded with toe-tapping, head-bobbing fun sprinkled with slower, more sullen moments of airy melody. This style of music isn’t exactly my forte so it’s hard for me to make a comparison, however I will say No Aloha are the Amon Amarth of synchronized on-stage head nodding. All their songs seem to be off their August 2014 contraband Tour Tape (actually a physical cassette tape), which can be purchased at their Bandcamp page or a future illegal manifestation.

June 16th, Turbo Haus , 11:00 pm.

Beat Cops

The authoritative pedigree of Beat Cops appears to be beyond question or reproach. An ‘Elite Task Force’ whose members made their bones in units like Priestess, The Stills, Les Breastfeeders, and Trigger Effect,  they aren’t afraid to serve sweet lady justice in equal rocking portions to show everyone who’s boss of the block.

The unveiling of their first album Mean Streets (on Indica Records)and the continued unsubstantiated rumours that they’re “One week away from retirement,” had the Turbo Haus filled to fire-code-breaking capacity with both the law-abiding and law-breaking alike. Proceeding with caution was no longer an option .

Beat Cops

Beat Cops served the crowd with ten counts of old school, grove-seeped Rock and Roll in accordance with each track off their debut album. Most notable infractions from this eyewitnesses were “Hit It Again,” “When You Left Home,” “Get Even,” and an instrumental 480 “Theme from “Beat Cops.””

Their sound (like their justice) has an undeniable “classic” feel to it, yet maintains a vibe that is all their own (See Airborn for the antithesis of this.) The sultry vocals of singer/guitarist Mikey Heppner (formerly of Priestess) and his guitar work shine through each track, as they did in his former unit. Combined with the guitar/keys of Patrick Bennet (The Trigger Effect), backing vocals/bass of Tim Fletcher (The Stills), and solid drumming by Max Hebert (Les Breastfeeders), it’s safe to say Montreal’s streets – and dare I say, the World? – are going to be a lot cleaner for years to come.

Written by Paul Ablaze
Photography by D. Niko Holmes
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