Beau’s Beer Presents: Toronto Mini-Pouzza 2, Featuring Wasted Potential and The Almighty Trigger Happy

The Pouzza Festival ‘du punk’ is coming up, and as they did last year, the Bovine Sex Club held a mini-Pouzza for us Torontonians. The lucky few who showed up early to the tiki bar above the Bovine Sex Club were treated to free hotdogs and a beautiful sunny afternoon on the roof top patio, while some of the best acoustic and electric punk bands from the local area, Ottawa, and Montreal rocked the main level. Cactus Vella, Jenn Fiorentino, Dead Weights, Powernap, Plan 37, Wasted Potential, and The Almighty Trigger Happy will all be playing the festival in May.

Hugo Mudie, the man behind Pouzza, let us all know the tickets were on sale for half price at the event as he fronted his band, Powernap. Hanging out with the ‘Wapo’ boys before their set, it was clear they could not be more excited and honored to be opening the Municipal Waste show at Pouzza; they were quick to invite everyone to the after-hours sets of their cover bands, Danny and the Havoc’s and Husker Dude. Excitement was in the air, and if this show was a precursor to the May long weekend in Montreal, everyone going to Pouzza 5 is in for a party. With Beau’s Beer as an event sponsor, no one will be going thirsty!

Written by Jarod Semple

About Jarod Semple 24 Articles
Jarod is best known around the Southern Ontario scene as the high-energy lead singer and lyricist of the punk rock quartet The Readys, formerly known as James and the Readys. When he’s not touring the surrounding region with the band or reworking songs for their soon-to-be upcoming full length album, Jarod aspires to become a sci-fi/fantasy novelist. He currently lives in Tottenham, Ontario with his wife Sarah and his cat Thor. His literary inspirations include CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and Chuck Palhanuik. Musically, you can find him on any day of the week rocking out to Tool, Thrice, Mars Volta, The Flatliners, and Dropkick Murphys.

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