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Right on bud, finally, someone has delivered the comedy/music album about the pandemic we didn’t know we needed. Local boy/comedian/musician Ben Cardilli fucking brings it on this eleven-track debut entitled The Great Indoors (released June 9th, 2020). I spent so much of my younger days with Adam Sandler’s comedy records, most notably They’re All Gonna Laugh at You and What the Hell Happened to me? Fuck me in the goat ass, anyone? But it’s been years since I’ve given much thought to this genre. This pandemic has got people doing just the craziest things, I’m ready for ya Ben Cardilli.

Unlike Adam Sandler, Cardilli’s album has no sketch pieces, just straight-up comedic songs and that’s perfectly fine because he keeps it interesting, switching styles and genres with every new track. Whether it’s jazz/lounge vibes “Friday Night In,” 80’s power rock “House Rules,” or country “Mine to Lose,” Cardilli doesn’t do anything twice. The kicker…they are all fun and catchy! Ok, so it’s not falling on your asshole hilarity. I did not piss myself while listening to this album. Pretty certain I did piss myself listening to Sandler’s “At a Medium Pace” back in the day. The image of him having a woman shove a shampoo bottle up his ass is most likely when it happened. But I digress, Cardilli can write up a nice jingle. 

Cardilli does a fantastic job grouping all the tunes into the spectrum of pandemic life, without getting tiresome or too campy. “Eating for the Sake of Eating,” we’ve all done it over the last six months, “I feel a little less alone, when I’m chewin’ on a chicken bone,” solid rhymes, a catchy little acoustic ramble a la Jack Johnson, Cardilli is nothing if not affable. The ringer on The Great Indoors is “The End of Netflix.” If Cardilli was to choose a style and run with it, I’m throwing in my vote for this quasi rap, lo-fi electronic rager. Few artists have tickled my fancy in recent years as much as Har Mar Superstar (if you don’t know, get on that right now) and Cardilli is right in that wheelhouse on this track. A solid blend of slick bars, endless swagger, and unassuming but taint tickling beats. 

This is a great showcase debut for Cardilli, I’m wondering if he can hone it all in and streamline some of the higher points of this album on future releases. The Great Indoors is very much a buffet style offering. Lots to choose from, it all looks very different but kind of tastes the same. I’m of the mind that if Cardilli can latch on to an identifier (hint “The End of Netflix”) he can without a doubt make a stronger impact. That said, this is a nice record.

Written by Lee Ferguson
*Edited by Dominic Abate

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