Benefit Show for Little Kazik – Live at TRH Bar – March 8th, 2014 – Montreal, Quebec

Show for Little Kazik Highlights - March 8th, 2014 - Montreal, QC

I headed over to TRH Bar solo to support the benefit show thrown by Scott Maracle for cutie pie Kazik. Scott introduced me to Kazik’s mother, Rowan, and she described her son’s disease to me in more depth. Kazik is dealing with Aplastic Anemia, a blood disorder in which the bone marrow does not make enough new blood cells. Based on Rowan’s research, many people do not survive the disease, but little Kazik is doing much better after undergoing a bone marrow transplant in December. Having spent their Christmas in the hospital, it was well worth it. The positive energy beaming in the room this night showed on her face and it made my heart warm to see how much support this family was getting.

Up first for the night, Divebomber produced a loud, raw set. This band has only been around for five months, but each member has a strong history within the music scene. This was their first show, and I would have never guessed it. The band possesses great chemistry on stage. Motorhead plays a huge influence on the band and you can totally hear it in their sound. Stay tuned as these guys grow, we will see more of them soon.

Next band up was the ever-entertaining group, The Barrel Heads. The Montreal natives combine a rock ‘n’ roll sound with elements of fast-paced, punk rock energy.”This is ‘A Song about a little pig’ “, says Mike as they open with this track. They tend to like to open with this one as it has a slow folk-punk start and gets the crowd going. “This is why I don’t go to the gym,” said Mike after heavily thrashing with the crowd as the track builds a faster pace, wiggling his tongue, and taking his shirt off for the cams. If you like bands like Supersuckers, this is the band for you.

Out of Order

As the venue became more packed, CHOMP hit the stage next. A vocalist resembling Machete, who has better hair than me, delivered insane, raspy, raw vocals coupled with a metal/thrash sound coming from Larry’s guitar and Daryl’s bass. This band gets your guts and crazy bones convulsing with their thrashy/comedic approach, comparable to one of my favourite bands, the Melvins. Getting massive support from the crowd, people were thrashing and singing along.

Scott Maracle, host of the night, joined his band Out of Order next on stage. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, now residing in Montreal, this oi/punk rock band represented well on-stage as Scott’s gnarly grins and growls drew attention from the crowd. Scott spat water all over the crowd whileJoel mastered enough sound on his guitar to impress the hell out of me. The band is on the look-out for a second guitarist, but I must say, Joel did well for being on his own. These goofy, entertaining, talented boys killed it.

The Vulgar Deli

Throughout the night, there was constant praise sent towards everyone involved in the benefit show. The Vulgar Deli provided a little change to that tone. “Fuck all of you,” vocalist Uncle Costa repeated several times to the crowd during the set, disagreeing with the 8$ cover charge. He passed a pitcher around to collect more money for the cause which was pretty awesome. Costa constantly kept spitting beer on the crowd and throwing bottles at us during “Watching Puppies Drown” which blended well with the hardcore thrashy sounds this track delivered. “That’s what you get at a Vulgar Deli show!” bassist, Dave Rockey said to me later on. The band classifies themselves as a “fast-paced mid-life crisis hardcore band.” Uncle Costa’s high-pitch, throaty vocals were infectious. The crowd nodded along to the crash-kick-crash drums brought by Frank O’Brains which were driven by the monster guitar swarms.


Contests were thrown and prizes of tattoo sessions were won during some raffles that were held before Metalian‘s set. I was lucky enough to catch Metalian, the last band of the night. Word on the street was that the vocalist has some impeccable lungs. A man who looks like Sid Vicious, but sings like Bruce Dickinson, was definitely a shocker. The metal instrumental sounds Metalian started out with had the crowd fighting to get closer to the stage, intrigued and interested by the popular Montreal quartet. If there is a God, I think I heard him sing for the first time when Ian began. People were not kidding about this dude’s voice; long, steady, high-pitched notes that could break glass. Outstanding. The band brings 80s classic metal back and are known as “The Canadian Judas Priest”.

Overall, a successful night of about 200 people showed up to support this adorable little boy and his family. Congratulations to the organizers for such a successful evening. I had a blast.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Maria Dokuchaeva  [email protected]
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