Bhad Bhabie with Kris the $pirit and Sage Charmaine – Live at Corona Theatre – February 23rd, 2019 – Montréal, QC

Cash Me Ousside. You all know the meme, but I bet you didn’t know she raps! When I first saw it pop up on my FB newsfeed, I just knew I had to be there for one of this generation’s greatest memes. I was going into this expecting a shit show, after all, how many famous people, let alone infamous, try to get into the music industry and succeed on fame alone? Was it terrible, or was I impressed? Read on to find out.

Immediately upon entering Théâtre Corona I knew something was different. The crowd was tiny. No, not a small turnout, literally the people were tiny. I felt like I somehow got stuck in a bus full of high school kids and, just like forgetting your headphones on public transit you get forced to listen to some really stupid conversations. Was I this annoying when I was younger? Oh, fuck it I won’t kid myself, I’m still annoying.

Kris the $pirit took the stage to open and what a show this guy gave! Performing songs from both his 2018 albums Spirit Mode Vol.1 and THE Prana, I can say his recordings on Spotify do not do him justice, at all. If you get the chance, see this man live! Right off the bat he engaged with the audience, from catching a hoodie thrown at him by a random fan and putting it on, to continuously encouraging the crowd to jump up and down, wave their hands, sing along and at the very end, chant catch me outside.

Sage Charmaine

Next up was Sage Charmaine. She was only added to the lineup a few hours before the show, so it was a pleasant surprise. As soon as Sage came out, I had to do a double take as she looks strikingly similar to Emily Blue. Getting right into the performance with “Look Up 2 Me” off her EP Ashes released a few weeks prior, there wasn’t any crowd participation. Not good. I always emphasize engaging with the crowd because that, I feel, is the reason your fans come out to your shows. A personalized experience. Thankfully all that changed after the first three songs. Sage greeted the audience before “Ashes – Rocky” and everything changed. Suddenly she was giving high fives to everyone and even grabbed someone’s phone to take a quick selfie mid-performance without skipping a beat. Near the end of her set Sage apologized for the sound, which I thought was referencing a few high pitch screeches (what can you do? shit happens) but no, she was apologizing for being sick that night. I would have never known. It was a killer performance, totally stole the show for me.

Bhad Bhabie

The moment we all had been waiting for, Bhad Bhabie (pronounced Bad Baby), also known as Danielle Marie Bregoli, also known as “cash me ousside girl.” Danielle started off with her single “Babyface Savage,” fucking hell, this song represents everything that is wrong with music today. Sure, it has a catchy tune but the lyrics… what am I even listening to? Ok ok. It’s one song. Maybe it will get better? Nope. Next was “Juice” off the album 15. Same old shit talking without anything meaningful to say, but this time no catchy tune. Maybe Danielle should change her stage name to Lil Bhabie because every rapper with “Lil” in their name spouts nothing but trash. Yeah, I said it. Come at me.

There is a silver lining though, Danielle is a very good performer. It’s all about the show and giving the fans what they want, to which Danielle excelled. Between songs Danielle talked about females in the industry with words of encouragement and female empowerment, picked out fans attending with their best friend to share the stage during her single “Bestie,” and after a bit of twerking even brought a fan, Celeste, on stage to give her the ultimate fan experience, a lap dance. Did I mention Danielle is 15 years old? I’ll let that sink in.

Danielle has the talent, a strong following, a few songs hinting at deeper meanings like the single “Mama Don’t Worry (Still Ain’t Dirty)” in which she describes her childhood, and from what I’ve heard she’s very nice, even timid, ironically. No doubt she’s very smart and is putting on a show to play the social media game, the only question now is will she continue the facade, mature and release songs with more meaningful lyrics, or fade into obscurity like a meme?

As far as the overall show went, if you’re a fan of her music you can’t go wrong, she puts on a great performance that’s perfect for her target audience and if she ever writes more mature lyrics it might even be a concert I’d go to in the future. Colour me impressed, How Bow Dat?

Written and Photographed by Michael Kovacs
*edited by Mike Milito
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Mike is a photo enthusiast in the Montreal area who feeds off the energy of the crowd. Since he was a kid… ahem... since a young age (he’ll apparently always be a kid because adulting is a trap!) he’s always had an affinity for capturing those once in a lifetime moments and sharing it with the special people in our lives. When he’s not showing people how truly badass they are through his eyes in the form of candid digital portraiture, or making magic happen at his 9to5, Mike likes to geek out over computer technology news; because there’s nothing quite like teasing yourself with amazing gadgets that will probably never see the light of day (looking at you, kickstarter!). He binge watches tv shows long after episodes have stopped being aired, buys more video games than he has time to play, and has a knack for taking things apart to see how they work; “extra pieces weren't important anyways” is the name of the game when it’s time to put things back together. Someday Mike dreams of going on tour as an official band photographer, until that time you can catch him at the next music festival.


  1. but kris the $prit’s lyrics are genius and meaningful all right

    Pistols on my belt
    Crystals on my scale, yeah huh
    My bitch, she just bailed
    Bitches on my cell, yeah huh
    Roll another cone
    Fuck it call them over, yeah
    Tell that bitch I’m over that
    Sippin, we ain’t sobered up
    Getting the top
    Kennedy shot
    I get so lost in my thoughts
    Thinkin’ ‘bout guap
    Mobbin’ the block
    Gutter still slangin’ the rocks
    Think about what I’ve become
    Niggas ain’t wishing me well
    Fuck it I do myself
    Weathered the storm, I prevailed
    I don’t wanna wait no more
    I been patient for it
    I got a painting for them it’s all crack
    Been divorcing all those demonic forces
    I been poppin corks and all that
    Two women on me like I’m wearing Kappa
    Eating shrooms ‘till we hit Nirvana
    Only way I know to numb the pain
    Running from it ‘till I hit Atlanta
    I just wanna live the dream, yeah
    Get the bag ‘n get the beamer
    Skrrtn’ off every evening
    Where she at, I never seen her

    They say that boy crazy
    They say that boy crazy
    They say that boy crazy
    They say that boy crazy

    They said that that boy’s crazy
    They said that that boy’s crazy
    They said that that boy’s crazy
    They said that that boy’s crazy

  2. Hey I’m Logan, from Ottawa and I attended the show. I did not really know of Sage Charmaine. But, once she walked out on stage and started singing, she grasped 100% of my attention and I was hooked. Her style and personality on stage was, warm, fun and inviting! The only thing I wasn’t expecting to see or hear was a guitar. Just when I thought Sage’s music couldn’t get any better, out comes the guitar and bam my ears melted and my soul shook. I was left speechless after her performance! I can’t wait for everything and anything else she does in the future. She has my total support and respect. As far as Bhad Bhabie goes, I’d listened to her before when 15 came out and I was instantly impressed so I knew the show would be on fire or “lit” as I should say! I knew what to expect, but she exceeded all that she’s very serious about what she does and she certainly does know how to give the crowd what they want, and she delivered in all aspects. I’m 30 years young and I was raised on classic rock featuring some of the best musicians in our life time, and those two performances that night absolutely blew mind!
    I hope Sage Charmaine & Bhad Bhabie return to Montreal or anywhere in Canada ?? cause I’ll be there !

  3. The show was AMAZING!
    Sage Charmaine turned me into an instant fan of hers and had me left speechless after her performance. She has my total support and respect. Her warm, inviting, playful style on stage and astounding voice was nothing but beautiful. Looking forward to everything else she does in the future!

    Bhad Bhabie I had listened to before and seen some footage from some other shows so I knew what to expect, but she managed to exceed those at the show in Montreal. Danielle is a true and honest performer who knows how to give the crowd exactly what they want! I’m 30 years young from Ottawa and I would go see them again and again and again. I was more than impressed !

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