Black Galaxy – Wrath Of The Void


Ottawa based four-piece Black Galaxy are at times metal, at times rock – but always heavy. While often there is just something missing with this style of music, that just isn’t the case with these guys. Falling somewhere between Blues for the Red Sun era Kyuss and Barrie, Ontario natives Indian Handcrafts, Black Galaxy’s Wrath of the Void offers up an opportunity to launch into their own cosmic wavelength. Given that this is a good place to be, the album will most likely turn the new listener into a fan such as it has done for me.

With an obvious interstellar-theme (particularly in the track titles and lyrics) Wrath Of The Void is spacey heavy metal meets desert rock and is characterized by some huge riffs and a great sense of humour. While Nado’s riffs and solos weave in and out of each track, King’s awesome vocals peak in the epic wails of “Hunt of the Witch,” “Space Queen,” and “Vipers of Venus” and Roy and Sudiacal consistently hold down the rhythm, occasionally take center stage in tracks like “My Child.”

Favourites for me are “Death Monster” and “Space Queen,” both of which set and sustain the energetic standard of the album. “Death Monster,” with its choppy, rhythmic chorus and shouting about being chased by a literal monster of death very much reminds me of Indian Handcrafts “Zombies.” “Space Queen,” which encourages all to “hail the space queen,” has what is in my opinion, Wrath Of The Void’s the best solo.

Although a few tracks in the middle of the album such as “Leaving” don’t seem to quite uphold the standard set, the album crashes to a close on a high note with “Vipers Of Venus.” Featuring some mid-track haunting vocals which sound like they are echoing and reverberating off of dark, damp, spider-web covered abandoned church walls, “Vipers Of Venus” solidifies my belief that King’s vocals truly add a definitive edge to the sound of Black Galaxy and elevate Wrath Of The Void to another level.

Given the sheer enthusiasm and energy displayed on this album, I can confidentially predict that Black Galaxy would put on an unforgettable live show. Toronto-based fans are in luck as they are set to play the Starquest for the Eternal Party Concert Series” at the Bovine Sex Club on July 19th.

Written By Jordan Hodgins
*edited by Danielle Kenedy


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