Black Veil Brides – Live at Metropolis – February 13th, 2015 – Montreal, Quebec

Black Veil Brides & Guests - February 13th, 2015 - Montreal, QC

Ole, Ole, Ole the crowd chanted after Black Veil Brides‘ set. The crowd had just witnessed a rock show! They were engulfed with the passion that BVB brought to the stage, and they were hoping for just one more song.

Black Veil Brides

Tonight, the Hollywood, California rock band came to play armed with a great look, awesome hair, and some pretty heavy music. I gotta say, this band puts a lot into their look and performance, and it pays off! They started the BlackMass Tour with “Heart of Fire” from their self-titled album, followed by “I Am Bulletproof,” a fitting song since singer Andy Biersack faced adversity right off the bat (unfortunately his mic was not working). We could not hear his vocals, and although he was noticeably annoyed, as a true professional he kept on going while they got everything back on track.

The band whisked through seventeen songs in an hour and half for the crowd at Metropolis, ranging from oldies like “Sweet Blasphemy”, “Pens and Knives”, and “Perfect Weapon” to newer songs like “Goodbye Agony” and “Last Rites.”

Black Veil Brides

What impressed me about BVB was the wide range of songs. From metalcore to glam rock, this band seems to be able to do it all. You can tell Motley Crue is one of their influences, and this was evident when they did a cover of “Kickstart My Heart.” Andy said he didn’t have the range but they would do it anyway. I thought they did a great job, and I loved how they just went out there and gave it their all. A great live band that remember their humble beginnings, Andy mentioned a few times during the show that Montreal was one of the first cities that accepted their band, recalling a time when they had played at Cabaret Underworld, while they were living out of a van (“down by the river” in reference to the SNL skit featuring one of my faves, the late great Chris Farley).

The band had many well-executed solos that made it even more interesting for me, since I’m a huge fan of solos. The highlight was when it was time for drummer Christian “CC” Coma to let loose. His solo was fun and at one point it was coupled with Krewella track “Live for the Night.” Finally, the crowd got their encore. The band walked back on stage, and the crowd ended their “Ole!” chant. Andyhe basked in the moment, telling them not to stop because he liked it. He then told us, “It’s time for “In the end”!” and just like that, they blew us away!

Memphis May Fire-9
Memphis May Fire

Next, Memphis May Fire had the honour of bringing their hard-hitting breakdowns to the stage. This metalcore band hailing from Dallas, Texas came to play! The crowd was digging it up, and singer Matty Mullins was using this to his advantage, telling us that Montreal is his favorite city. We get that a lot at shows, and it’s always the same question: is Montreal really a kick-ass spot, or is this said in every city? Don’t doubt it folks; Montreal is one of the best cities in the world, and people notice it! MMF had a strong nine-song set that included “Miles Away,” “No Ordinary Love,” and “The Sinner.”

Ghost Twon-4
Ghost Town

The electric rock band Ghost Town, with their unique sound were the opening act for the night. The crowd had already packed the place to see the guys from Hollywood perform. They did a very good job warming up the crowd, diving right into “Trick of Treat.” I enjoyed this ten-song set, even if it was hard to see the band; they seemed to like being in the dark. This all changed when Kevin “Ghost” McCullough asked everyone to take out their cell phones and light up the room. Pretty cool effect! They finished their set with “You’re So Creepy.” Overall, a great performance. This band has a good future.

To say this was a show you should not have missed is an understatement; it was an entertaining night that could be enjoyed by more than just horny teenagers. Any fan of live shows should see BVB at least once. A hell of a performance that made me a fan!

Written & Photographed by Eric Brisson  Eric Brisson Photography
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