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Blades are an Italian hardcore currently based out of Berlin here with their self-titled debut. Clocking in under fifteen minutes, Blades is eleven tracks of solid, but ultimately run-of-the-mill hardcore punk. If you’re a fan of that kinda Minor Threat, kinda D.R.I style of hardcore, Blades are probably worth the listen. At the end of the day, I simply needed something not quite so pedestrian.

The album opens with “Convicted,” a guitar-driven slab of aggression just over a minute in length. Gallo’s shrill guitar tone coupled with Mauro’s breathy yell form a solid enough foundation for things to come. The rhythm section doesn’t slack by any means either. Fabrizio and Dam’s drum and bass work on songs like “Medicine” really bulk things up. “Of tears and walls” is the biggest standout on Blades. This pummelling tune only lets up long enough for a brief, but impressive, drum fill and has an almost Retox-esque vibe to it.

Despite their strong musicianship, I don’t have a lot of praise to throw Blades’ way. I don’t have a nice way to say this, but the album was just boring to me. Not only do a lot of the tunes on this album sound similar to one another, take “Hungry For More” and “Vice Squad,” for example, but there’s not much that makes Blades stand out from any other typical hardcore punk band. The band is good at what they do, but there’s no chance I could pick them out of a lineup.

Blades are a decent hardcore band. They’ve got a solid musical foundation and aggression for days, but the songwriting did little to pique my interest. If old school hardcore is your main squeeze, Blades is an album that’s probably worth digging into. For me, the album was just too formulaic.

Written by Justin Bruce
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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