blondmoss – Gentle/Kind


blondmoss’ debut EP Gentle/Kind does indeed seem to be coming from a place of sincere gentleness and/or kindness. As arbitrary a statement as that sounds, hear me out; the predominant emotion that shines through in the Australian electronic artist’s music seems to be that of romantic confusion, a kind so specific to young, gentle, kind, naïve, innocent, insert-adjective-here white boys that it actually has its own subgenre. It’s called emo, people.

Not that this record shares all that much in common with the guitar driven power pop that was punk rock’s sad little brother in the 90s/2000s. Not sonically, anyway. This is much more in line with the kind of ambient trance you might have caught during the wee morning hours at the tail-end of a rave in 2011. The icy keyboard lines and dream-laden samples are the stuff that loopy arms and elbows dominated interpretive dance is made of.

But in terms of the mood, it’s never quite as care-free as it wants to believe it is. There’s always some underlying uncertainty, some nagging doubt that keeps this record from being a true dance record. In fact, much of it is very reminiscent of Start Somethingera Lostprophets (I know, I know, get past it) particularly in the pulsating melodrama of the short “Kind” and the expanded closer “Connector, Pt.1.”

It’s definitely an intriguing listen. What’s more, it doesn’t demand all that much in terms of a time commitment. The songs average a perfectly digestible three minutes and there are only five of them, so if you’re on the bus at night and need something to keep you in that post-work daze of wondering what the hell you’re doing with your life but not something that’s going to make you feel too sad about it, this could be a match made in midnight transit limbo.

Written by Syd Ghan
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Syd Ghan spent his childhood in a choir and taking private violin lessons. He’s totally a manly man except for that he can’t play sports and you probably shouldn’t ask him to help you move. He loves metal, rock, funk, jazz, pop, classical, country, rap, hip hop, and blues, but he doesn’t like Bono or his stupid face. He plays in a Montreal funk rock band called Safe in Sound who are just the bee’s knees. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being a smartass. He’s usually probably wrong.

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