Bobby Danger – 3D EP

Independent Ear Productions released third EP by Bobby Danger, 3D. The EP shows diversity within both the artist and the rock genre. There is a definitive classic rock influence, jazzed up to reach a modern rock feel. The mix of these two makes it sound new, fresh and intriguing.

The release has five tracks, the first of which is titled “New Day”. Sounding Alice Cooper-esque, this song adequately portrays what listeners are in for. Within the first few minutes, you can hear Bobby Danger is going balls out, making his presence known.

Following that is “Running in Circles”, which is the song that appealed to me the most. This particular recording reminds me of Green Day, in it’s simplicity and likeability. I quickly caught myself whistling with the chorus, which is always a good thing. Though it’s the shortest one on 3D, for me it’s the most likely to reach many people. It’s lyrics are subjective, simple and yet catchy.

Deeper into the album is “Sleeping with the Enemy”. One if the heavier songs offered up, it’s rhythmic in sound. One of those songs that you would listen to on a bad day to power through the rest of your night. Maybe not the typical approach to a heavier song, but that’s what makes it so interesting to listen to.

Closing off the EP is “Summer Rain”, which is a great closer. Like a hopeful ending to a good book, this really leaves you with a good feeling.

All in all, this album is a good view of the diversity offered by the artist. Welcoming us with a grungier opener, to closing with a more sentimental side of things. From heavier and serious tones to light hearted and catchy tunes 3D is worth the purchase. On top of the music, the album art is pretty nifty. The purchase comes with your own pair of 3D glasses to fully enjoy the art included.

Written by Jessica Childs


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