Bored Décor – The Colour Red

Bored Decor - Thr Colour Red


Bored Décor are a quartet from Vancouver, BC. And immediately upon listening to their release, The Colour Red, I found myself with a problem. How do I define this band? Sure, they play a mix of post-punk and noise rock but pigeonholing them into those two genres would be a bit of a disservice to them because their sound certainly goes beyond that. That has to be a good sign though right? I think it is because The Colour Red is full of energy, creativity and art in the form of a record comprising of 11 songs.

“Ego.” Is a garage-rock rager that needs to be played at full volume to truly appreciate it. Somehow, they manage to dance the lines between bands like Sonic Youth and Daughters – two unlikely combos, sure, but the next track “Naiveté” gave me a similar vibe.

It’s almost impossible to listen to The Colour Red and not feel somewhat uplifted. Every song is catchy as hell. The opening riff of “My Time / I, the Luddite” gives way to another incredibly groovy track while Nikolas Barkman’s sporadic, Jack White-esque hovers over the music perfectly.

While the formula of Bored Décor’s sound is entirely their own creation, there are times where it feels exactly like that – a little formulaic. The band isn’t exactly breaking the mould here. But if that feeling came at certain moments, it went away just as quickly with tracks “Syntax” and, my personal favourite of the entire record, “Love Cuffs.”

Bringing the album to an end is “Black Bananas,” which trades in the high-energy noise that carried the majority of the record in favour for something a little more sombre, but in no way loses the vibe that was present throughout. I was definitely a little out of my comfort zone with this record, but sometimes that’s the best ways to discover new and interesting music, and Bored Décor was definitely something new for me. I’d highly recommend giving The Colour Red a listen.

Written by Dominic Abate
*edited by Mike Milito

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