The Boys – Punk Rock Menopause

The Boys, for lack of a better line, are back in town! With their first studio album in 33 years, the power-pop UK punk rockers known as The Boys are back with a long-awaited 13-track LP. This album includes the original members Matt Dangerfield, Casino Steel, and Honest John Plain.

It may have been 33 years, but these old boys never forgot how to rock. Mixing power-pop, punk-rock, pub-rock, and even a little glam rock to create their newest release Punk Rock Menopause. Fans will be rejoiced to hear these aging men, known as The Boys, have not hit their personal punk rock menopause just yet.

The album starts with the track “1976” which is a chugging guitar riff that will have you back in the 70s punk scene all over again, and absolutely loving it. Immediately after the chugging rock song comes the pop-punk masterpiece “I Need You,” with a clear riff from Heartbreaker’s “Chinese Rocks” paying homage to their roots. It’s just a wonderful multi-layer vocal track and that chugging guitar that will have your head bumping up and down.

The following couple of tracks from the LP have the classic Ramones-influenced Boys sound; I won’t get too into it and ruin the album for everyone.

Then we get to my personal favourite song on this record, “Punk Rock Girl.” Everything is there, the keyboards, great guitar leads, and a tribute to The Ramones. Honest John Plain’s vocals on this particular song put me over the top and make it my selection for best song on the album.

The album closes up with the song “Bye ByeBye,” and leaves us wanting more. This track is much more glam influenced than the Boys are usually known for, but this slow anthem is just a wonderful way to finish off an album and let off the gas a bit.

Punk Rock Menopause is just absolutely great. It’s everything you’d expect from The Boys, which is in no way a disappointment. Highly recommended for anyone who likes The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls, Generation X, etc… The Boys prove that passion for music stays alive and this is simply not a cash-grab attempt to reunite for the money. This record was well planned, and very well executed. Production quality is excellent, lyrically solid; instruments are somewhat simplistic, however that only adds to the charm of the whole piece.

Written by Christopher Siklosi

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  1. Bonjour
    Je m interroge. En 1980, alors que je travaillé a Albertville . j ai assisté a un concert dans une salle à ugine . Le groupe s appellais the boys, a l époque il avais realisé une reprise de sabre dance. Super concert. Je suis a la recherche d’info sur ce groupe. PHOTO du billetd’entrée , achat de Cd et autre. Merci de me dire si c’etait bien ce groupe

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