Braebrook & Guests – Live at L’Alize – April 4th, 2015 – Montreal, QC

Braebrook & Guests - April 4th, 2015 - Montreal, QC

Comradery is what makes not only healthy bands, but healthy music scenes. We all stick together, we all succeed; easy enough right? Today I’m going to ramble on about how this comradery is why we still have metal in Montreal, even within the horrid depths of the fucking West Island, as we will see from my night on April the 4th at L’Alize for the Braebrook EP launch.


The show started out with Vacant, a teen angst group in the ‘poetrycore’ style (a term coined by Justin Furtado of Red Skies). These four cats brought a slight post-hardcore vibe very reminiscent of bands like Being as an Ocean (minus the melodics) or even of Mewithoutyou (albeit slightly less unusual). All in all it was very tight shit, with just a few little things to tighten further. Mixing-wise, the guitars were far too quiet and a wee bit too garage band for my liking; tighten up some of those scales and crank that shit! The vocals were the really the unique point of this act, however still the part that needed the most tweaking. The poetry style definitely works, it just needs to be a little more intricate and a little less monotone. If you’re down with feeling perpetually sad and catching a solid local act, look no further.

The Superstitions

Up next was garage punk quartet The Superstitions. They had a very interesting and eclectic style, to say the very least and in the nicest of ways. There’s no lack of desire with this act, as they’ve been dealing with member changes for as long as I’ve been attending live performances. Tightness definitely isn’t the issue here, as the band does seem very well practiced. The only actual issue was the attempted sound and the actual execution. The guitar needs a little overhaul tone-wise, bass needs to show a wee bit of liveliness on stage, and vocals don’t seem to belong all that well with everything else that’s happening. That is not to say that there isn’t skill in what’s being done; bring it all together and this could be an even more entertaining performance than it already is.

Hour of Defiance

Hey look, an out of towner at a local show! Hour of Defiance came out swinging their metalcore love in the most aggressive and incoherent of ways. Energy, rage, and a strong lack of enunciation are all phenomenal ways to describe these dudes. Not a dull moment was had during this set, however a little diversity wouldn’t hurt them in the long run either.

Red Skies

Now look, an act I’ve reviewed too many times! Red Skies did what they usually do: they fucking killed it. I’m not going to bother even trying to describe them killing it to you, as you can probably just read any of our previous reviews of these kids. So instead, I’m simply going to point out a few things. One, Cody Dodds has the fuzziest nipples I’ve ever seen. Two, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many girls in a local show mosh pit before, to the point where I actually kind of felt bad getting in there. Three, guitarist Justin Furtado actually referred to them as the “One Direction of hardcore,” however he did not want this to become a common moniker as he fears any one of them becoming a crack addict and leaving (too soon?). On a more serious note, we were graced with a few new songs, including “New Voice” and “Apostle,” which both sounded absolutely disgusting(in the best of ways). If you weren’t already stoked about their new record coming out, you seriously should be.


Last but far from least, the entire reason why I dragged my sorry carcass out for that lovely evening, the beat down metalcore (bordering deathcore) serenade of Braebrook. For those of you who are new to the absence of happiness that is Braebrook, they sling a very common form of mathcore, very akin to that of Emmure or Structures, only lacking heavily in the douche factor (thankfully). Nothing out of the ordinary with these cats, but what they do, they do well. Practiced to perfection with only one teeny tiny thing that needs to be worked on. Being in a band that starts to taste the slightest bit of momentum and “success” per se, will get a wee bit over zealous on stage, a little over excited if you will. Such was unfortunately the case with singer Jesse Nasielski. Phenomenal performer, very interactive with the crowd, geeky and loveable as can be BUT a little training is required as it was slightly noticeable that his voice began to blow out about mid set. I do need to stress the term ”a little.” Remember, all you aspiring singers out there, warm ups are key and pacing yourself on stage is even more key. That, or just grow some fuzzy fucking nipples, apparently the chicks love that shit, right Cody?

Written by Jason Greenberg
Photography by Shannon Fong  
SLF Photography
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