Braebrook – The Savagery of Time


These Montreal-based metalheads, Braebrook, have done exactly what I expected when I first saw their logo and the album cover for the EP, The Savage of Time. A djent/deathcore hybrid, reminiscent of bands like Whitechapel and Born of Osiris, filled with melodic arpeggios in dissonant scales, guttural screams and breakdown after breakdown. This is entirely what to expect when listening to the new wave of modern metal.

The whole EP sounds like a slightly better than average home demo, with guitars sounding unbalanced to me, and the vocals sounding dry. That makes me a bit disappointed, but nonetheless, I’m talking about songwriting and structure. Overall, I thought it was quite interesting to hear the different sounds these guys were creating with their guitars and preset tones like in “Mariana” and “Fathom.” I appreciated what they were going for, but this didn’t really stick out as something new or that hadn’t been done before. And that is the biggest problem with modern metal today – in my opinion, it lacks innovation. We’ve done all that can be done, and now we’re just mulching over what we already know. Creating something unique is nearly an impossible task, and unfortunately, this band lived up to my expectations as just another local band. I gave them a chance and don’t get me wrong, there were some killer moments on this record both vocally and instrumentally. But overall, I wasn’t blown away by this record. I wish I was, I really do, but this just did nothing for me as an artist.

However, if you just want something to throw the f*ck down to, then by all means this record will be your jam. I’m sure the mosh pits at these shows are staggering and full of guys flailing their arms, hardcore dancing to the breakdowns of these ‘djentlemen’. If you’re into that sorta stuff, the Braebrook is definitely a band worth checking out.

Written by Rian Cunningham

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