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Indie Week passed through Toronto recently, and I had the pleasure once again to see Breached celebrate their EP release of Left Behind by performing a full eleven-song set at The Rivoli.

This isan inspiring compilation about believing in oneself and never giving up.  “Do you hear me/ screaming about all the things I’ve left behind/ do you see me chasing away all the pain I’ve left behind” sings Bob powerfully in their first single release and EP title “Left Behind.”

I personally have listened to this EP numerous times and can never get enough of it. I sing along to all the words religiously, and it gets my heart beating fast. I really dig the breakdowns and the fast beats of each tuneand Bob’s voice is just about perfect. This album is produced by Mike Langford who has produced the band’s other albums as well. Breachedsounds almost the same live as their recordings, and that is what I like to hear when I listen to an album. It’s real, and not overly produced/fake-sounding.

From the quick andperky “Piece by Piece” to the softer, darker melodic “Here with Me,” the diversity and catchiness of each song is mesmerizing. It inspires me to pick up a guitar, and start playing— or maybe in this case, playing air guitar.  “Here with Me” progresses from a hauntinglymelodic beginning and turns into this incredibly heavy, faster tune that brings you in a whole new world. Bob couples his lyrically-set voice with strong screams, “…here with me-eee” which almost shocks you into wondering how he manages to pull it off!

The album brings in five songs of positivity, full of beautiful melodies and lyrics. When I asked what inspires Diesel while he writes and compiles song ideas with his bandmates, he told me, “In the past, I’ve always taken a very observational approach to writing lyrics. For this EP, I really wanted to make it much more personal; a lot of it has to do with persevering and realizing that no matter how much support you have, you need to believe in yourself first. There are all kinds of things that will try and hold you back from doing what you want to do, but it’s up to you to break them down and push on.”

This is the third EP release from Toronto’s Breached and the success they have gained since is phenomenal; starting with a couple of humble young suburban dudes who have been friends for quite some time, they decided to form this band. They also have an incredible sense of humour. They have released a funny YouTube infomercial to promote this EP, and when I asked what inspired their provocative album cover, Diesel let me know, “When we do our pictures, we try and step outside the box of what bands typically do. For this shot, we had a once in a lifetime chance to get it right and we nailed it. It was the middle of February, and our feet were literally freezing to the ground. It was also our first band pic with Neil who at the time had just joined us. I guess you could say it’s us saying, ‘This is us’, love it or hate it!”

Breached is known for their melodic heavy musical abilities and powerful vocal efforts.

Another great EP guys, what’s next?

Written by Liz Imperiale

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