Brooklyn’s Fortunaut Release New Record “Press Up Off The Earth” July 11th

Fortunaut is the moniker of Brooklyn-based musician Ryan Kershaw – now brought to life by Zack Trahan, Nick Pope, Robin Buyer, and Erik Caldarone. The project began in Kershaw’s bedroom in Boston’s Mission Hill, first serving as a scratch pad for musical ideas without a sense of place. In December of 2013, after months of staring cock-eyed at the sketches and wondering “what are you exactly?” Hatch, a humble, poorly recorded five song EP was released. The little-record-that-could was well received in Kershaw’s close circle, and in the following years, the project was kept as a vessel that deserved resurrection.

One year and several side projects later, Kershaw asked the current members of Fortunaut whether they might like to collaborate. After a winter that tested the patience of even veteran Northeasterners, Trahan, Caldarone, Pope and Buyer each received a letter proposing the following: Kershaw had written eight new songs with the hopes of releasing them under the title of Fortunaut. But he didn’t want to do it alone. Each member was asked to learn these eight songs, compose additional parts, come together for one full-band rehearsal, and record the entire album live the next day-all in four weeks. Recognizing the rare opportunity to delve into a period of concentrated collaboration, each member took on the challenge. Often working and collaborating in pairs, remotely in Brooklyn and Boston, the five members of Fortunaut had little idea how their parts would come together before their inaugural rehearsal. After hashing out a twelve-hour Saturday, Fortunaut hit Virtue and Vice Studios in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy on March 8th to record Press Up off the Earth, live, in one day.

Press Up Off The Earth will be released July 11th. Stay tuned!!

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