Brutal Battle Cuba: 10 Fun Facts To Why You Should Apply To Brutal Battle CUBA

BRUTAL BATTLE CUBA is proud to announce submissions are now open for independent Canadian metal bands in Oshawa, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, Fredericton and Moncton to submit to this year’s first ever competition. One group will win a performing slot on this year’s 2016 BRUTAL SUMMER FEST TOUR line up where they will be playing in front hundreds of Cuban metalheads each night from Aug 18-28.

Quebec’s Chariots of The Gods alongside touring front man Chase Wilson from Ontario’s Darkness in Aurora were the first Canadian metal band ever to join the fest in 2014.

“We have been working on this project for a while and we are really excited that it is finally happening! It’s a great opportunity for bands to experience touring outside of Canada and getting the chance to share the stage with international bands. Chase Wilson and I were part of the first Canadian metal band to tour Cuba in 2014. The cultural immersion as well as the musical experience really makes it a Brutal Fest!” comments BBC organizer Rich O’Neil.

For full submission details and rules, please read below or at the following link (deadline to submit application is February 10 at 11:59pm EST): 

brutal cuba

10 Fun Facts To Why You Should Apply To Brutal Battle CUBA:

1- Between 2010 and 2015, more than 55 foreign bands have toured the Brutal Fest. France, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Italy Hungary, Canada, USA, Denmark, Finland, Costa Rica, Sweden Chili, Mexico…

2- Every show, but one, is outdoor. 6/7

3- Beer cost less than $2 in Cuba.

4- You can have a good meal for less than $2 during the tour.

5- Rum is so cheap, you better buy a whole bottle than ordering some rum and coke.

6- Every hotel is reserved in advance so bands don’t have to take care of finding a place in each city.

7- Lot’s of Cuban fans! They will ask for AUTOGRAPHS. Bring a Sharpie!!

8- There will be days off during the tour to visit and enjoy Cuba.

9- Cuba has an official Rock Agency located in la Havana.

10- There is no music shop in Cuba. We will try to raise some money to bring them some instruments:–2#/

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