Bucketlist is proud to present the second Bucketfest, held on August 26th, 2017 in Montreal at Piranha Bar.

We will continue the tradition of bringing all genres to the table for you to enjoy. While Montreal is filled with local talent, we carefully picked the artists to perform and think you will enjoy it. Last year we had a mix of metal, funk, groove, folk and rock and no matter the fan, everyone had a good time and discovered some awesome new music.

This year we have a mix of punk, rap, folk rock, and pop. The artists so gracefully joining us this year are:

EZ (rap)
EZ has been rapping for quite some time now, and is the proud owner of Ez Duz’It Records.

FIGHTFACE (dooWop punk rock)
Vincent Christ, speed racing ninja who’s riffing grips with countless bloody hooks.
“Dirty” D McStabbs, a man who’s beaten so many skins, his arms have grown numb to the violence. A gory metronome hammer.
Kåte Jørggfröst, the ice giant. She is the Viking offering to rock n roll’s thunderous rhythms.
Very little is known about D.A.N. Some say he is an android, built to study us. Most believe that he talks to machines. All agree that he is mad.
Finally Elvis LeMeurtrier. Born of metal, dipped in sweet icing, then rolled around in broken glass.
These are the damned souls who bring you this twisted message of death, murder, mayhem and finger snapping rocking good times.

The Sick Things (rock/powerpop)
A rock n roll band playing rock n roll songs, with non-ironic guitar solos.
Dont be a wimp, grow your hair and have some fun! Formed by Cam Turin(Barn Burner), Keith Lewtas(Windpisser, Castavets) and Stefan De Witt & Matt Gonzalez(both The Sangomas)in mid 2015, the band plays high energy rock n roll, while making nods to the best of punk, glam and powerpop. They shamelessly took the periods out of the motto KISS and applied it to their sound. Opened for bands like Buzzcocks.

Guidestones (rock/pop/country)
Four musicians from Montreal, Canada brought together to create a mix of alternative/indie rock, country and pop. Having played the local hard rock circuit for many years twin brothers Ryan and Zander Boudreau (The Fierce) aspired to write music with a fresh direction and voice. Enter Vocalist/guitarist Gabrielle La Rue. A former member of local metal group God Falls who felt she had more to offer as an artist. With the first EP written and the group ready to track, the band needed a bass player to complete the sound. After several try-outs bassist Charles P. Giguere (Cardinal, Maken Kozapo and The High Dials) was recruited to join the band as a full time member. Their debut EP “Cut & Run” (April 2016) is a more mature/polished sound and sonic proof of the bands dedication to producing quality releases.

Toodles (rock/pop)
Toodles is a two piece loud rock/pop act that is full of handsome and love songs.

Last but not least, we have a very special guest host joining us: Jason Rockman of CHOM 97.7 FM/CTV and Slaves on Dope! Come say hi!!!

Address: 680 Saint-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3B 1C2
Doors: 7PM

To RSVP click here.


Designed by Danielle Kenedy
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