Bucketfest 3.0, Bucketlist’s annual show destroyed on July 6th, in Montreal. The party was held at Piranha Bar, and was to celebrate the five year anniversary of our zine. Special guest bands performed including Mooch, Miscellanium, Ol’ School Johnny, and Voltang with a special comeback from Dirt Cannon. DJ Lizard Queen closed the night with some 80s and 90s dance hits.

Bucketlist cookies were handed out, prizes were given away by special guests Peter Dehais of Evenko and Simon Mckay of The Agonist. Bucket of beer specials were had and according to Mooch’s Ben Cornel, it was “a dangerous mix.”. The specials included 5 Moosehead beers in a bucket for 20$ and 15$ refills!

Bucketlist founder / organizer of the event, Liz Imperiale, had a few words:

Alright I am home now finally after three hour sleep and an insane day / night last night. I am absolutely beaming with happiness and joy right now because of the incredible support and love and respect I felt last night. Five years goes ridiculously fast when you work around the clock in something you’re passionate about. Music, especially discovering new music has always been my passion and I am so happy I get to share this with all of you. Thank you to my good friends in Voltang, Ol’School Johnny, MOOCH, MISCELLANIUM and Dirt Cannon, who entertained us immensely with their different styles and genres. Thank you for saying yes to performing this event and being part of something so special to me. I love you guys.

Thank you Jason Greenberg for taking care of the bands, making sure things ran on time, and keeping me calm during my moments of crazy stress.

Thank you Tony Colgan for rocking and making sure the sound was badass for the bands.

Thank you Karen’s Goodies for donating those awesome amazing Bucketlist cookies!!!!! I hope those who were able to grab some enjoyed them!

Thanks to my sister Alexandra Imperiale who helped out in selling the Bucketlist Merch! There are actually lots of kitty gangster shirts left if anyone wants one!

Thanks to Peter Dehais of Evenko and Simon McKay of The Agonist for giving out our prizes and being so awesome!!!

And thanks to EVERYONE who came to this!!!! It means the WORLD to me seeing your faces even for just a minute showing your support and supporting our local scene. There are some majorly underrated bands out there who deserve to be heard. It’s up to us to give them that chance!!!

Also thanks to the crazy party people who stuck around for my DJ set!

Of course my love for the Bucketheads is strong as ever and I am so lucky to have them in my life.

Bucketlist is going to keep doing its thing. I have some cool plans for the future. We will see where it takes us.

Love you guys 

Until next year, thanks for all your support fellow readers!

Photography by Danny Donovan and Mihaela Petrescu

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