Bucketlist Bi-Polar Review: Bent Blue – Between Your and You’re Demo

Few genres fit the descriptor of “fuck party” like a good punk/hardcore cocktail. What you read before is myself, Jason, and mighty writing compadre Lee Ferguson dissecting what has the potential to be the next great fuck party album for your entertainment.. What is this piece and why are we calling it a fuck party you might ask? The what would be Between Your and You’re, a fierce demonstration of punk and hardcore through the ages by Southern California quartet Bent Blue. For the why, you can just keep fucking reading cuz we said so.

Jason’s Score:


A fuck party to me is an all over the place experience. Something that truly has you flinging yourself uncontrollably from one end of the universe to the next, and if that doesn’t immediately describe the entirety of the demo in question to you then you need to listen to a whole lot more punk. Bent Blue almost seamlessly meld influences from across the decades, morphing into different hardcore and punk icons from song to song while still coming up with a product that feels mostly unique if not a little underproduced (which is obviously argued to be preferred depending on the dumpster with which the arguing punk resides). 

Opening track “They Ask Why” plucks at the very core of everything I love about punk today; absolutely gushing groove, melody, and inescapable angst familiar to that of Canadian punk powerhouse The Flatliners. Trudge down two more tracks to old school jammer “Rungless Ladder” for reminiscence of Black Flag and old Death By Stereo, or “Influence Me” for Sex Pistols meets old school Gallows vibes. Point being, Between Your and You’re is out to scratch your punk and hardcore itch. You, the listener, can decide if this sounds like a fuckfest of rip offs or an attempt at being as full bodied and diverse as one can be at a genre often stereotyped as closed-minded. 

I personally felt a little bit of cumulative whiplash that may or may not be quelled by a full length release. Something that will hopefully streamline a singular point on the spectrum with which these cats excel, stand tallest, and rage hardest, while teetering a little closer to the more refined side of audio engineering. This demo has all the potential and stands on the border of “Banger” from “Been there done that,” to which I’ll anxiously await the wind with which blows this act in whatever direction they ultimately belong. Otherwise known as “exactly what a fucking demo is supposed to do.”

Lee’s Score: 


Jason, how could you reference a “fuck party” in your review and then go .1 marks away from a 69!? (Jason: well excuse me for not boofing my morning fucking Cialis, dickhead) That’s ok, I got you homie. But sex jokes aside, I am definitely on the same page as Jason when it comes to Bent Blues’ demo Between Your and You’re. Ripping through these five tracks, it’s apparent that Bent Blue are a punk band, but unsure which decade or particular genre they belong to. This can be a risky endeavour, but these So Cal punkers make it work…sorta. W I mean is that I can clearly see a framework here for something original and great, it just doesn’t fully come to fruition on this demo. 

The track “They Ask Why” blends guitar work that feels like early 2000’s alt-punk At The Drive In progressions with angsty, brutally agressive vocals from lead singer Tony that suggests a lot of the hardcore punk that was coming out of their neck of the woods in the early 80’s. Jason mentioned Black Flag, which is an excellent comparison. I’ll throw The Circle Jerks into the mix (Jason: Now who’s channelling their repressed sexual tension, dickhead) and I’ll be damned if “Rungless Ladder” doesn’t remind me of a Minor Threat song (yes I know Minor Threat are from Washington D.C). Bent Blue seems to be using this demo as a means to tell everyone they know their punk rock history. As Jason mentioned, perhaps it will take a full length for them to truly hone their sound. There is a solid base here, I love the rage inside Tony’s voice, the music just needs to be slightly streamlined/hashed out/massaged a little, whatever you want to call it.

So to tie up this fuck party with a nice bow, Bent Blue have released a promising demo. Maybe this is the thirty second preview you get to see before the actual official fuck party (Jason: A la being one of those cheap fucks that won’t pay for a brazzers subscription and settle for trailers, dickheads). It will take a full length album to determine if Bent Blue live up to the promising elements of this demo, or if they are just a bunch of dudes who listen to a fuck ton of punk music and decided to start a band. Whichever way it goes, we’re obviously into it, maybe for the wrong reasons.

Written by Jason Greenberg & Lee Ferguson
*Edited by Dominic Abate

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