Bucketlist Takes over Pouzza Fest 8: Part 4: Best Pouzza Memory/Whats on your Bucketlist?

Bucketlist met up with some Pouzza Fest 8 bands to chat about the important things in life. Fav Pouzza memories? What’s left on your Bucketlist?

Bands featured:

Molly Rythym

The Creepshow

The Penske File 


Charlie Bit My Finger 

Cancer Bats 

Trashed Ambulance 

Sammy Kay

The Peelers 


About Liz Imperiale 136 Articles
Liz is an avid lover of music and the arts who brings a rich, artistic background to every aspect of her life. She was brought up listening to Elvis, America, and The Doobie Brothers. As a child, she sang in a choir and has been playing keys on and off for 15 years. Liz’ musical inclinations coupled with her love of art allowed her to pursue a degree in media/marketing/design. After 10 years working in the industry, organizing raves, shows, and managing DJs she decided to form a webzine called Bucketlist Music Reviews. The zine was a medium for her to be able to help musicians gain some recognition that they deserved. She has taken advantage of this experience and pushed her career further in Public Relations. Her all-time musical genre faves are within the doom/stoner genre, but she generally has a love for anything that makes her face melt.

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