Call of Saints – Live at Underworld – September 13th, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

Call of Saints – September 13th, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

It was a beautiful fall night as I walked out of St-Laurent metro ready to hit Underworld once again for another full night of metal-core. Five amazing bands from Montreal opened for Boston’s Vanna, showing off the local scene’s talent with bands such as Fayne, Dirt Cannon, and Call of Saints.

I arrived to catch Nick and Tommy Moussis standing outside having a smoke and preparing for the show. I could see the excitement on Nick’s face as we were chatting away about his last few shows in the recentmonths. Joseph, frontman of Fayne, was bouncing around us, high-fiving people, also stoked for his band to hit the stage.

As my photographer John arrived, we finally walked into the venue to find a decent amount of people in there. For a show band2technically beginning at around 7 pm, which is early for Montreal, I was pleasantly surprised. I grabbed a $5 Pabst and found a place to sit back. John then gave me some terrible news: the battery in his camera was dead. We were pretty upset. Fayne started their set, and of course that put me in a fantastic mood. During their mesmerizing time on stage, we noticed they had a photographer shooting the event, who we learned later is dubbed  Rhaps O.D on Facebook, and asked him if we could use his battery. I’d like to send a personal shout out to this man. Clearly, we got some great shots thanks to him.

IMG_1283Finally, as the stress eased up after finding a battery and enjoying Fayne’s set, Call of Saints were ready to go on. They open with their “Intro” song which was a nice instrumental. This was my second time seeing the band perform, and tonight I wasn’t feeling the same stage presence as I felt last time. They seemed tired, however, they are so musically inclined that none of that mattered to me in the end.

As the crowd started to approach the stage, the band played “Disbelief” as the third addition to the set list. Powerful mini-guitar rock solos began the song as J.T. came in with his melodic  voice. I found my head bobbing as they played and felt the energy pumping. Influences in this song can be heard from Killswitch Engage and Alice in Chains. The breakdowns were mind blowing and the talent that came out of Nick’s and Chris Armaos’ guitar playing was kick ass.

The crowd continued to gather as Chris walked around the stage busting out guitar riffs. As the band ended a killer live performanceband of “Deadly Tides”, the crowd clapped and cheered them on. “It’s so hot up here, it’s fucking insane” said J.T. as he took a little breather.

“Starting Line” was the second last song on the set and sent the pit wild. Jason of Camalus and Joseph of Fayne joined in as their broeskis killed it on stage. The energy these two have is incredible. Jason pulled off a raging duet with Tommy in the end, bringing together good friends and music.

Overall, the performance lacked a little as far as stage presence goes, but the music definitely made up for it. Call of Saints consider themselves to be a “fresh new sound which sets aside the trivialities of pop-culture’s infatuation with financial and sexual achievements, while embracing and exposing the struggles experienced in everyday life”.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by John Fraser Landry
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