Calling All Captains – A Way With Words EP

Calling All Captains, an emo/rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, has recently broke out on the the music scene with their latest EP,  A Way With Words. This four track recording is any emo kid’s dream, and any fan of this genre of music will completely fall in love with the band. There are messy, jump-worthy guitars and emotional vocals and lyrics? What else can an emo kid ask for? I, for one, know that my inner emo kid was jumping for joy by track two.

“Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid”, the first track on the EP, is a typical emotional love song. Anyone familiar with the genre of emo-rock will attest that this song, as well as the rest of the EP, is nothing new for the world of emo. While the EP doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table, it is a decent addition to the scene. Any fan would be able to move around to the music and appreciate the talents of the band members.

Track two, “A Way With Words,” is my personal favourite on the EP. It is another mushy love song, with an acoustic, emotional feel to it. For me, any song with acoustic guitars gains a few extra points in my books. This song saved the EP for me. It’s catchy, emotional, mellow, and easy to sing along to – easily the best song on the EP.

The third track on the EP, “I Swear This Is The Last Time”, is another typical emo-fueled song. With its teen-angsty lyrics and fist pumping guitars and drums, this song nearly ranks up there with “A Way With Words”. Though nothing we haven’t heard before, this song could easily start a jump fest at a live show, or help soothe feelings of being misunderstood in the listener.

“Our Calling”, the last track on the EP, represents the band’s view of themselves, what they’ve been through as a group, and how they’ve grown up together and continue to do what they love. The song explores, as the title suggests, what they feel is their calling – playing music together.

All in all, A Way With Words is an EP that does not really have any shock value, nor does it bring anything new to the table. Honestly speaking, however, in this day and age, it is quite difficult to be completely unique musically. Though Calling All Captains can be compared to numerous other bands within their genre, their musical talents must be commended and recognized. This is an EP that can still be enjoyed by any person looking for an emotional outlet, and perhaps some music to which they can get up and move about.

Written by Jessica Valiquette

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