Camalus – Live at Mad Hatters – June 21st, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

Friends gathered tonight to support Camalus and celebrate front-man, Jason Greenberg’s birthday.  Mad Hatters set up a stage upstairs which is something I’ve never seen before at this venue. The crowd started off small, while two local bands opened. By the time Camalus came on stage the place filled up. It was very hot. People were drinking cold beers and trying to stand in front of the fans as much as possible.  There was a lot of excitement and familiarity as the band opened with ‘Resistance’.  The crowd began moshing and moving around.

Being that this was a “floor leveled” stage, there was not a lot of room for the guys to jump around but it gave an intimate feel to the show.  James’ guitar solos were out of this world as Jason’s raging monstrous vocals came out. There were times, however, I could not hear Chris’ snares orJason’s vocals.  During “Sub Zero Vs. Scorpion”, James’ guitar sound faded as well, realizing his amp overheated! He immediately plugged himself back in and continued kicking ass.

This band is pure sex and rock n’ roll. James’ rocked out in a cowboy hat, shirt and tie while sticking his tongue out andpointing his finger out to the crowd. Jason’s long locks of hair were flying all over the place as he screamed and head banged. Joey and Alex were jumping around head banging, hitting their guitars with some sick riffs, while Chris took off his shirt as he played drums.

Jason and James both got on the bar and decided to hit a beer bong while the band continued rocking out. Jason’s interactions with the crowd are always memorable as he really tries getting everyone involved. The bouncer came on to sing along with him and gave him a “Dog Shit Hug!”. At one point vocalist of Strike It, Dom, came on to sing a duet with Jason.  When “Drive with Misery” began it really caught my attention. This is a favorite of mine. It starts off with melodic guitar, then Jason’s vocals kick in. It has a lot of breakdowns that get the crowd going. It was indeed a fun gathering of friends, musicians, and good times.

Jason Greenberg put together this amazing night of live metal-core music to celebrate his birthday. It was a free show, as he does not believe in making his friends pay to hear good music; and to top it off beer was cheap.

Camalus formed six years ago.  “We took a two year break, but got back together because that’s what true love is, man.” says Jason.

The band always came from me and Jason. When we were younger, we had a bunch of different members in the band. But you know, we all have a life, right. We all tried to grow up. Everybody had to go to school, or have a job, but in the end me and Jay stuck together. We didn’t want to give up. So we found other members that were more experienced, had technical gear, AND motivation.  We started the band all over again. We have some new songs. Camalus has reincarnated. To get a new name, is the next step.” says James.

“I went on the internet one time…and I think I just looked up some cool God type fuckers. Then I saw this picture of this Celtic God of sky and war. His name was Camalus and I showed it to the band and they were like ‘you know let’s just do it’. We didn’t really care back then because we were young, and whatever.  But then we found out later that it was a character in a card game. He is a Celtic God of sky and war.” , says James Taylor (yes that’s his real name) when I asked where the band name comes from.  “I hate the name.“, says Jason.

James has been playing guitar for nine years. Jason has been singing for five years.  “The world is my oyster. I wake up for this every fucking day. I got to sleep thinking of this every fucking night. I will do this until I am very dead. I plan to go everywhere with this. Will it happen? I don’t know. “, says Jason when I asked if a potential album might be in the works in the future. “Of course we’d love to have an album. We are working towards that. We have been doing this for too long, to let it go anywhere but up.”

The bands influences at the moment are Killswitch Engage and Unearth, but they have to say their main influence is themselves. “We like to think we do something differently from everyone else and as long as we’re doing that, we’re happy. If we sound like somebody else, alright fine.  But we’re doing everything we can to stand out.”, says Jason.

As long as you’re having fun doing this, you have nothing to lose.”, says James.

Members consist of James Taylor (lead guitars), Jason Greenberg (vocals), Alex  Jamieson (bassist), Joey Vezina (rhythm guitars) and Chris Analytis (drums).  The band is known for their intense breakdowns, wakelessly profound vocals, and phenomenal guitar solos.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by John Fraser Landry
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