Cannibal Corpse with Thy Art Is Murder, and Perdition Temple – Live at MTelus -November 16th, 2019 -Montreal, QC

It was a great night for Montreal death metal fans as Cannibal Corpse and company once again graced the MTelus stage on their latest tour this past Saturday courtesy of HeavyMtl and Greenland productions

The last time I got to see them live was in 2015 when M-Telus was still Metropolis and they opened for a band I had yet to be acquainted with, Behemoth. Once again not only did I get to enjoy Cannibal Corpse but was also introduced to another new favourite.

Perdition Temple

Getting the night started was the three-piece band from Tampa, Florida, Perdition Temple; Gene Palubicki on guitar and vocals, Ronnie Parmer on drums, and Alex Blume on bass and lead vocals. The floor was packed as they started with “Plague Camp,” followed by “Testament to Annihilation,” a clear fan favourite as many in the crowd shouted their enthusiasm. It wasn’t a particularly long set but long enough to get the audience sufficiently warmed up. They finished with, “Goddess In Death” which is from their second studio album, The Tempters Victorious, available to listen to and/buy on their Bandcamp page for $6.66.

Thy Art is Murder

Next up was Thy Art is Murder. Formed in 2006, they have five studio albums and just released their latest one, Human Target, earlier this year. Within seconds of their set, I was blown away. They really started with a bang, playing “Death Squad Anthem” from the aforementioned album. It was extremely heavy and my face was vibrating even though I was at the back. About half of their set was tracks from the new album including “Make America Hate Again,” “Human Target,” and “New Gods.” In between tracks, vocalist CJ McMahon showed some love to Montreal giving a shout out to its very own Despised Icon and encouraging everyone to check out their new album Purgatory which had literally dropped the previous day. On a comical note, at one point McMahon was seen kneeling down and casually upchucking on the stage and immediately continuing to sing. It was so nonchalant that a lot of people barely noticed it at all. I wonder if its stage nerves or if he’s partying too hard in Montreal. A big contrast from the last Australian musician I saw live and wrote about, Amy Shark. They finished off their set with “Puppet Master” from their fourth album, Dear Desolation and you can check out the official video on Youtube.

Cannibal Corpse

After a reasonable interlude, the headliner of the evening, Cannibal Corpse, hit the stage. I don’t think there’s anything I can say about these guys that haven’t already been said. Formed over 30 years ago in Buffalo, New York, they have 14 studio albums and according to their Wikipedia page, they are the “top-selling death metal band of all time.” Vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher is known for his intense neck muscles, head-banging abilities, and as the inspiration for Nathan Explosion on the animated series Metalocalypse. They played a healthy full set of 18 tracks spanning their catalogue. They opened with a few from their latest 2017 album Red Before Black including “Code Of Slashers,” “Only One Will Die,” and, the title track, “Red Before Black.” We also got to hear some classics such as “Devoured by Vermin,” “I Cum Blood,” “Stripped, Raped and Strangled,” “Unleashing the Bloodthirsty,” and they saved “Hammer Smashed Face” as their encore which is always a fan favourite. If the intense mosh-pit was any indicator, the audience fucking loved the entire thing. And for anyone wondering what’s next for these guys, apparently, they will start to work on another album once this tour wraps up at the end of the month so more to come!

Written by Joey Beaudin
Photography by Marc-Antoine Morin
*edited by Danielle Kenedy
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