Carl Grocutt-Clarke – The View EP


I’m a big believer in this simple motto: keep it simple, stupid! Not to say that this describes Carl Grocutt-Clarke’s EP, The View, in any fashion other than the fact that it is plain, simple, easy going rock music. The writing style reflects this by allowing minimal analysis of chord changes, and simple lyrical melodies. All of the songs have a signature, and it is that of my favourite motto.

Upon hearing the opening track, “Inner Light,” I immediately imagined myself at a bar sometime in the evening, and the house band was playing something to fill the air with pleasantries and a relaxing feel. Carl’s voice is unique in style because it has a vintage, raw quality to it. It’s human, which is hard to find nowadays, and I appreciated it. However, the rest of the record for me felt very similar as far as styling goes. There was little contrast between each song and it remained relatively tame and even though there was a solo here and there, I felt as though I had heard most of it in the song before. This EP, for as polished and professionally sound as it is, still feels like it’s missing a bit more creative musical hooks. Most of it is there, but it needs that extra polish to make it outstanding.

Don’t get me wrong, though! This record is an enjoyable listen. I felt like it was exactly what I needed today, and was perfect for letting my mind wander. I just wish there was more going on musically to better compliment his amazing voice. It just got repetitive way too quickly. And with that being said, if you’re looking for something easy going to get lost in for an evening, check out Carl Grocutt-Clarke.



Written by Rian Cunningham
edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Rian Cunningham has been singing since he was a toddler, and have since been in multiple musicals and bands alike. He's been studying music all his life, playing bass, singing, organizing shows, developing sharp management skills, and more. He's been active in developing himself as a musician over the last five years by exploring multiple genres of music from jazz, pop, and metal, all the way to rock and roll. He is currently enrolled in the Music Industry Arts & Performance program at Centennial College in Toronto for Bass Guitar, and he has received the Dean’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in his program for being the most dedicated student in forwarding his career as a professional musician and artist.

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