Castaway – Space to Run

Castaway, the pop-punk/emo/rock band from Saskatchewan, Canada, brings to their fans, and to plain old music fans alike, their six track contribution to the music world, intriguingly titled Space to RunUpon taking on this album to review, I was already excited, eager to begin listening as I have been disconnected from the genre for quite some time now. Being a long time fan, I was looking forward to sitting down and finally rekindling my love for this type of music.

Right off the bat, or the first guitar chord, this album automatically sends the signals to your brain to start headbanging. The first track, “Everyone Here Deserves To Be Here More Than Me”, starts off with guitar riffs that are fun, emotional, but also serious. Choosing this track to be the first on the album was a great choice. It’s fun and definitely worthy of some headbanging. This track also introduces the listener to what they can expect for the rest of the album as well as showcases the band’s musical talents. For me, this is the best song on the album.

Track 3, “Ginger Ale”, really gets the party going while highlighting what I think the band is all about. While this track has more of a sorrowful feel to it, showcasing the band’s dark, clever, and straight-forward lyrical style, the listener is still able to headbang, or at least sway, even if it’s not as upbeat as the first two tracks on the album.

“Dauphin”, the second to last track on the album, continues to bring forth the sorrowful-yet-energy-filled vibe that surges through the EP. For me, it is the song I could most relate to on the album. To be perfectly honest, after listening to the full five minutes and twenty-six seconds of the track, I felt that something inside me had been resolved, something that is pretty wonderful as I don’t think a song of this particular genre has done that to me since 2006.

Overall, this album is, in my opinion, a wonderful listen. It allowed me to revisit my love for the pop-punk/rock/emo genre, and truly helped me remember what I love about this kind of music. I recommend this album to any and every pop-punk fan.

Written by Jessica Valiquette

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