Cale Michael – Melody in Memory

May 26, 2016 Dave Tone 0

3.4/10 Cale Michael rose from the ashes of his previous bands’ demise to write, record, and release Melody in Memory, his first solo EP. Hailing from Carstairs, Alberta, Michael aims to mesh alt-country and folk-punk […]


North Hill – Sons of Stave EP

April 3, 2016 Jesse Gainer 0

5.5/10 Truly good records are the product of creative concepts brought to life through masterful execution. Whether the music in question is brain-bending prog-metal or dumb-as-dirt punk rock, the quality of the ensuing product comes down to the […]


Torero  – Torero

December 16, 2015 Ben Massicotte 0

6/10 Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Torero is a seven-piece, rock/alt-country band that just released their self-titled debut album. After a name change and almost two years of paying their dues and honing their sound on […]


John Gill – Visions

November 14, 2015 John O'Brien 0

7/10 A large part of the appeal of folk music comes from the sense of time and place communicated through the songs. The organic timbres of modern country and folk often conjure an idealized vision […]