Spindelar - So Nighty Degrees

Spindelar – So Nighty Degrees

July 30, 2018 Lee Ferguson 0

7/10 So Nighty Degrees (released October 9th 2017) is the second installment of music from the Swedish music and art project Spindelar. The music, much like the project itself, is shrouded in mystery. A sombre and noisy […]


Lovelikesuicide – Digital Static

July 23, 2018 Hanorah 0

3.5/10 Lovelikesuicide`s EP Digital Static is a cinematic collection of ambient songs. Released May 1st, 2018, the project can be characterized by electronic piano and strings alongside programmed drums and synths. While definitely in the […]


blondmoss – Gentle/Kind

July 20, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

8/10 blondmoss’ debut EP Gentle/Kind does indeed seem to be coming from a place of sincere gentleness and/or kindness. As arbitrary a statement as that sounds, hear me out; the predominant emotion that shines through […]


Phantom Machines – Phantom Machines

July 18, 2018 Jordan Hodgins 0

5/10 Phantom Machines are Armen Najarian and Haig Shirinian–a self-described indie electro unit from Los Angeles. The pair met during a chance encounter when Shirinian, out supporting a friends’ band, saw Najarian preforming at a […]

Kekal - Deeper Underground

Kekal – Deeper Underground

July 4, 2018 Max Morin 0

6.5/10 Deeper Underground is almost certainly not where Kekal should be going. After labouring away at their craft in Indonesia since 1995, releasing fourteen LPs and EPs along the way, the synth metallers deserve nothing […]