Loud Library - A Letter Home

Loud Library – A Letter Home

January 25, 2019 Jordan Hodgins 0

3/10 If you are into light, key-driven pop, the A Letter Home EP by Loud Library might just be for you. Unfortunately, however, it’s not for me. Coming out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Loud Library formed in […]

Ace Buchannon – Magenta Nights

Ace Buchannon – Magenta Nights

January 23, 2019 Ben Cornel 1

8/10 Stepping out onto the scene with their debut release, Ace Buchannon delivers a crazy 80s-heavy retrowave to your face. Based in Helsinki, Finland, you know that you’re getting some very authentic disco vibes from […]

memphismayfire - broken

Memphis May Fire – Broken

January 10, 2019 Jason Greenberg 0

4/10 2018 is in the books and it was an odd one for recorded efforts. Then again, every year is fucking weird, I’m just trying to make some kind of sentimental point that nobody will […]

KS - Puta's Brew

KS- Puta’s Brew

January 3, 2019 Ben Cornel 1

6/10 A 25-song album of instrumental electronic synth, funk, ambient, techno, rock, pop, and disco…what could possibly go wrong? Los Angeles-based KS presents Puta’s Brew, an electronic melting pot of a bunch of different genres. […]

Dead End Drive-In - Mea Culpa

Dead End Drive-In – Mea Culpa 

December 27, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

9/10 Some bands pay way too much attention to what’s come before them and end up sounding like carbon copies of their favourite bands. For examples of this, see Trivium’s The Crusade, Throwdown’s Venom & […]


Georgia Fearn – Perfect On Paper    

November 27, 2018 Lee Ferguson 0

9/10 Humble readers, I think we may have a young Tori Amos. Georgia Fearn, seventeen-year-old singer, guitarist, pianist… (she’s seventeen people, from Carmarthen, Wales) released her debut album Perfect On Paper earlier this year (March […]


Dr.Doak – It’s Time to Leave

November 20, 2018 Ben Cornel 0

5/10 The classic glass half empty, or glass half full; you’re going to have to tell me on Dr Doak’s release, It’s Time To Leave. It’s an ambiguous mix of pop punk, grunge, and rock; and […]

Colin Weeks - Magic

Colin Weeks – Magic EP

October 25, 2018 Ben Cornel 0

10/10 Need a dirt-cheap vacation to somewhere warm and sandy and not soul-sucking? Plug in to Colin Week’s little gem of an EP, Magic. This four-song, pop-soul release is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and […]