Century Thief – Reverie

October 3, 2015 Dave Tone 0

8/10 Alright—beer, grooves, keys, go. Century Thief. Future or past? A Corporation? A collective: six magiciens de musique brought together in Toronto, who create energetic and emotional soundscapes for us to enjoy (and sometimes dissect). The album […]


Danger Love Victory – Self Titled EP

September 15, 2015 Joey Beaudin 0

6/10 D.L.V., also known as Danger Love Victory, is an electro-rock band from Toronto Canada. They formed around 2012, and earlier this year released their first EP. It’s a six track, self-titled album, which was independently released. […]


Agatha LaFaye – Jupiter’s Mantrap

September 6, 2015 D. Niko Holmes 0

8/10 Jupiter’s Mantrap, the debut album of Agatha LaFaye, is both self-released and strikingly self-aware. The first thing I thought when I saw this album was, “Cool artwork.” The second thing I thought was, “WTF […]


Maharg – Stimhack

September 3, 2015 Rian Cunningham 0

9.7/10 Reminiscent of a funkier Daft Punk, Maharg’s record, Stimhack is a fresh new take on the more abstract side to pop/electronica. Each song has it is own unique personality, hooks, groove, and is seductively […]


The Willing – The Dirt EP

August 28, 2015 Shannon Fong 0

7.5/10 Montreal pop-rock band, The Willing, released The Dirt EP, containing four tracks, each one different from the last, and a thirteen-second intro that had me in tears the first time I listened to it […]


Laura Joy – Between Our Words

July 25, 2015 Franca G. Mignacca 0

7.5/10 From the very second that Chicago artist Laura Joy’s latest folk-pop album, Between Our Words, begins playing, anyone who is listening will be reeled in, expecting a smooth and amusing little set of songs. […]