Van Dammes – Risky Business

Van Dammes – Risky Business

March 7, 2019 Justin Bruce 0

8/10 Van Dammes are a Finnish garage-rock band, and today we’re taking a listen to their 2019 EP Van Dammes – Risky Business. A mixture of punk, garage, and pop rock, this latest EP sounds […]


Paul Moody – The Ghost Album

March 4, 2019 Syd Ghan 0

9/10 I’m always hesitant before pressing play on an acoustic record. So often, the problem with singer/songwriter stuff is that no one is there to tell them they’re making bad ideas. But real recognizes real, […]


Anne Stine – Company of Now

March 1, 2019 Ben Cornel 0

10/10 Coming from the American Midwest, Anne Stine delivers some of the emotions one might feel while sitting under the open indie skies. Company of Now strolls delicately through your ears and floats comfortably down […]

Stickman - A Chromatic Grey

Stickman – A Chromatic Grey

February 26, 2019 Talia Plante 0

3/10 Ah yes, good ol’ 90s regurgitation. Although I’m still decently in love with that classic era,  Stickman – A Chromatic Grey doesn’t feel particularly noteworthy. From Vancouver, Canada, Stickman are obviously paying homage to the greats […]

David Lindstrom - Gilded Prayer

David Lindstrom – Gilded Prayer

February 15, 2019 Justin Bruce 0

7/10 Gilded Prayer is the latest release from Minnesota band David Lindstrom. The brainchild of singer/songwriter Matt Nelson, David Lindstrom’s newest album mixes together folk, indie, and rock influences to create a fairly eclectic seven-song […]

Scruft - The Curse of Scruft

Scruft – The Curse of Scruft

February 12, 2019 Talia Plante 0

6/10 The psychedelia can be real with this one. The Curse of Scruft by Scruft  is tagged as “Kutztown rock,” which is where this easy delight came from, and it has little tricks up its […]