Toui Manikouth – This Service

April 15, 2014 Jacques Asselin 0

It’s time to cast aside all the high-octane, shit-ripping offerings and show you a softer side. A tenderness, if you will. The pensive reflection of a long day/week/month/year/life does not always mix well with music […]


Port Alice – Dandelion

March 9, 2014 Valerie 0

Port Alice is a self-described alternative indie rock band, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Original members Brandon McDaniel (bass) and Craige Bradley (drums) have played together with various acts since 1998, and formed Port Alice […]


Beyond Haven – Don’t Back Down

January 5, 2014 Jacques Asselin 0

Beyond Haven. I see the appeal. I get the contrast between the chugging and the grooving of the music. The arrangements are dynamic and they deliver a tight, finely honed instrumental. It’s just… the ‘awwwwww’ […]


Death Toll Rising – Infection Legacy

November 25, 2013 Liz Imperiale 0

Edmonton’s Death Toll Rising has been around since 2003. The band has released two full length albums since 2010: Defecation Suffocation, and Infection Legacy along with one EP Spontaneous Decapitation. This album doesn’t really stand […]


Alyeus – Forty Days At Sea

November 13, 2013 Norm Boivin 0

It was a nice change of pace in my otherwise electronic-heavy music life to review Alyeus. I love all kinds of instrumental music, but with so much of my time being taken up by the […]