Celebrating FREAK & FABULOUS’ Montreal’s INKED LADY 2015

Celebrating FREAK & FABULOUS’ Montreal’s INKED LADY 2015

Bucketlist is getting hot. I was invited to attend the Freak & Fabulous Inked Lady 2015 Showcase by the lovely organizer and burlesque dancer, Natasha Nebula on January 9th, held at Le Belmont. I said, “Sure, why not.” This is not something Bucketlist normally covers, but when I found out there was going to be free cupcakes, two live bands, snakes, fire, and Cabaret dancers I could not pass this opportunity up.

The main purpose of this show was to crown Montreal’s Inked Lady of 2015. The contest started last month, and the each contestant had to submit a sexy professional photo displaying their ink. The top three contestants whose photo received the most likes on Facebook had a chance to compete on this night for the judges.


My main purpose for going was to check out a band I’ve never heard of, or even listened to, prior to the show; The Scroll. The Scroll are an electro-pop/experimental group from Montreal and describe themselves as, “Merging delicate beauty with bombastic ugliness.” When I saw the vocalist, J Deeh, in his full leather outfit and tiara, I told myself this was going to be good. This band has four albums and eight digital EPs to this date. Have I been living under a rock? Clearly.

The Scroll started the party at 10:30pm on the dot and the first thing I noticed was Deeh’s absolutely gorgeous voice. Being an enormous New Wave fan, I immediately_MG_9166 thought Talk Talk. This dude sounds just like Mark Hollis. Backing him up was a keyboardist who looked like she belonged in a Robert Palmer video, a tough looking SICK Sax player, and a samples gal handling the computer. I was even more pleasantly surprised when an adorable, curvy, side pony-tailed lady came on stage to do back ups with her soft voice. Yep, I loved this band. They turned the smallish crowd into a bigger one and, before we knew it, there was a dance party happening. Perfect band to open an event like this up. By the end of their set they had a full band playing; drummer, bassist, two guitarists, and two back up vocalists. Check out their latest record, It Will Never Come Lover, here.

I began to scope the crowd and noticed more and more people wearing ‘freaky’ costumes; men were covered in makeup from head to toe and a midget was walking around with a glorified painted ‘stache on his face (I found myself oddly attracted to him) while I sipped on my Amaretto Sour taking this all in.

_MG_9267A bunch of very entertaining Cabaret performances occurred for about forty-five minutes which was something I haven’t had the pleasure of viewing in years so it was a lot of fun. We had the lovely Natasha Nebula perform a fire show for us, and April May June performed a somewhat futuristic dance show—this girl has moves and a phenomenal body. PYROMETHEUS performed some more fire shows and by this point the venue was filled with smoke; little ol’ me found myself coughing but I was loving every bit of it._MG_9588

The show also offered prizes, DJ DARK PARTS playing lots of New Wave retro beats between sets and, by the time I was about to head out, he put on some metal and rock. Graveyard Strippers were set to play later on in the evening. I saw those guys early last year try out for the Rock Fest battles, and if you dig industrial metal this band is for you. They are the perfect band to close the evening.

It was finally time to announce the winner of the Inked Lady of 2015. The top three were Harleen, Miss Cherry Pie, and Damne Luna. The winner was Nadia Belanger AKA Damne Luna. Personally, if I had to choose between these three, I’d have chosen Harleen. She was gorgeous, had an awesome style, and had some intelligent things to say about her canvasses. She was also very funny and charming. The scores are based on the answers each woman gave from the questions asked by the judges on a scale of one to ten. The score sheets are then taken to a private room to tally up. The crowd seemed shocked and disappointed by Luna’s victory and, based on some small discussion later, Harleen was the talk of the town. Until next year!

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Isa Hoyos Ishca Photography
*edited by Danielle Kenedy
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  1. Hi there. This is Matt Risk, the Magician depicted in the photo above.
    thanks so much for reviewing our show! glad you had a good time.
    minor note here, the performer’s name is PYRO-metheus.
    Also, the saxophonist mentioned is Katherine Paradis.

    thanks again, and perhaps we’ll see you at other shows.


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