Cheeto Dust – The Hungriest Rapper     


The Hungriest Rapper is the debut EP by Montreal artist Cheeto Dust. Billed as a comedy rap album, this release is unfortunately devoid of any humour, entertainment and, most importantly, good rapping. Cheeto Dust is completely tasteless.

Angrily rapping over amateur-sounding beats, Cheeto Dust makes three to four-minute songs about mundane subjects such as his love for foods like “The Power Of The Poutine” and “Ice Cream,” as well as proclaiming his love for dance despite his tough, heavy metal-loving exterior in “Metal Dance.” Although these sound like they could make for hilarious tracks, it takes a very skilled artist to make music that is both funny and entertaining, and this guy is not even close. Cheeto Dust has no rapping skills, no rhyming skills, and worst of all the beats are at the level of a first-time Garage Band user. Not a recipe for success.

Take for example the opening track “The Hungriest Rapper.” His flow is completely off on almost every line. What do I mean when I say flow? Where hip hop is concerned, flow is everything that encompasses rhymes, rhythm, cadence, and how these elements work against the beats. Great rappers will have an even, precise, flow where the words will fall perfectly in tune with the measures, the same way a great guitar player will end his solos with the perfect note that gives the audience chills. Cheeto Dust can’t seem to put any of his lines into the usual 2-4 measure, so they end up longer or shorter than required, making everything sound disjointed. As I mentioned before, comedy rap is one of the hardest genres to master, as it takes more than just rapping skills in order to deliver a great product. But comedy or not, when you release a hip hop EP, it is imperative that the basic skills of rhyming and rhythm are mastered.

Cheeto Dust’s delivery is also hard to stomach; he has an angry, aggressive style to his rapping that would be more at home on an underground hip hop mixtape than a so-called comedy album. Even when he’s supposed to be showing his softer side on “Metal Dance,” when he sings about his love for dancing it comes off as inauthentic because he sounds angry.

Thankfully, he alters his delivery on “Snack And Cuddle,| an ode to “Netflix and chill,” as he raps about trying to invite a lover over for some fun time in a low, smooth voice; he even sings some sections that show off a surprisingly good rock voice.  The lyrics in this one are actually quite funny, but once again his lack of flow brings the whole quality down. The only time I actually laughed while listening to this record was the song “Like This,” where for three minutes all he says is ‘’like this’’ over a generic, club-type dance track. I understand that it is supposed to be a parody of those types of songs we hear all the time on the dance floor, but there is no attempt at all to say anything about it, which makes the whole thing pointless. That being said, the intentional absurdity of it, and the fact that he actually released this on a record, was too much to not have a good laugh.

Aside from those few minutes, the only one laughing seems to be that artist behind the microphone. Cheeto Dust has managed to make what should have been a light-hearted and fun comedy album into a complete mess.

Written by Ben Massicotte
*edited by Kate Erickson

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