Chomp Chomp Attack – How Do You Like Me Now?

I have a dream. A dream that one day, we’ll return to a world where bands will be judged by the talent that they truly show at their craft. To be judged by their ability to stand out in the crowd. Not by their looks, but by their unique sound— fresh and unheard of. Oh, how I dream of a day where a band wants to be their own and not what they think people might love them for. That day is not yet today. Today is the day I reviewed Montreal’s 5-piece scream/emo/mildly math-y band Chomp Chomp Attack and their debut EP How Do You like Me Now?

Disclaimer: There is a mountainous difference between talented and skilled. Talent is a gift from the beyond that you are blessed with. Skill is one’s true drive towards a personal goal, climbing their personal Everest, if you will. I see plenty of skill with this act however, I see no talent. I see the ability to remix and contort a sound that has already been made, but I see little originality. I see musical prowess, but I fail to see where this band tried to stand out.

I could go on all day, sounding as if I’m accusing these guys of plagiarism. Let’s then make things clear, I’m not— this band very clearly wrote these songs from start to finish. My problem and base of criticism is that they all sound painfully over-influenced. Now I could also go on all day saying it all complicated like, or I could tell you to go listen to Rise to Remains’ City of Vultures, or Bullet for My Valentine’s Scream, Aim, Fire. You might then ask, “But Jason, what about their faux-goth-style or their heartfelt lyrics?” To this I would very simply reply, Motionless in White’s Creatures.

These guys have skill and they’ve put together a very well-recorded and mastered E.P here, obviously desiring this lifestyle. They put the effort and obviously the money down and I commend them for that. Somebody in this world will love “How Do You like Me Now,” I just can’t say that it’s for me.

Written by Jason Greenberg

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