CLementine – Kimberly ’93

Though people’s life stories tend to most often be told through film or literature, it is not unheard of for them to be told through song instead. Though it’s a somewhat rare occurrence, Montreal band CLementine is a somewhat rare breed themselves, and makes the task look easy in their latest release, Kimberly ’93.

It must first be said that this album is most definitely not for everyone. The band is extremely experimental, using unconventional sounds and mediocre vocals throughout. For example, the first track on this album, “A Woman’s Beauty”, begins by sounding like part of a horror film score, and then progresses into a monologue accompanied by beautiful yet tragic-sounding chords. The only other track with the same format on this album is the last song, “Still Looking for that Lighter”. The remaining tracks, despite abiding by different formats, are equally as unconventional.

The lyrics of each of the songs are very repetitive and very straightforward, not containing many hidden meanings behind them. As promised, we can see a story forming from start to finish, and we get an idea of the triumphs and obstacles Kimberly faces throughout her life in Utah. It’s a simple story and is therefore relatable, to an extent.

The album as a whole should not be listened to if you have a short attention span, as many of the songs are lengthy and can become stagnant. If you are looking for complicated musical riffs, they won’t be found here. If you are in the mood for an experience that almost feels more like watching a movie than listening to an album, I would recommend you give this CD a chance.

The sound editing was incredible, combining songs with monologues from plays and radio wave clips. The emotional tone of each song ranged from happy to depressed to afraid, and made for a bit of an uneasy listen at times.

Overall, I recommend this album only for those wanting a truly different listening experience, though the music itself is, in comparison to the other stuff I’ve listened to, far from the best.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca

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