Coronavirus cancels your tour, so you live-stream a virtual concert instead – Montreal local show happening this Saturday March 21st ONLINE

This weekend, Montreal math-y hardcore-y band Gorvlsh was supposed to go out on their first tour (alongside local riot grrrl group Pussy Stench) in support of their upcoming record New City Vibe, but obviously like everything else on Earth it got canceled by pandemic.

That said, instead of accepting defeat they’re throwing together a virtual concert at a nearby studio with some more Montreal bands.

Merch sales were supposed to help break even with the cost of the record, so they’re going to let people buy merch through paypal if you want.

We are strong enough to keep the scene alive. Please support your local scene and buy stuff online.

You can check out the live stream on the GreenHouse Studio Facebook page and find out more info here.

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