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Cory Branan has hit the music scene with his eleven track album entitled No Hit Wonder. To start, I was both a little hesitant and excited to break my personal comfort zone and sit through an entire country album. While I am usually very picky when it comes to country music, I knew this would be a good listening experience from the start of the first track. While most country songs, in my opinion, get you feeling depressed and sad, this album is more uplifting and fun than anything else, with an exception of a few tracks that are little more on the mellow side.

The first track of any CD is important as it sets the tone and vibe of the album. It also indicates with which song the artist chose to kick off the experience for the listener, and what they think is the best song to hook the audience and keep them listening throughout.  The first track on the album, titled “You Make Me”, is a love song with great lyrics and fun banjos. It is a perfect choice as the first track on the album.

“The No Hit Wonder”, the second track, is also the namesake of the album. It is another great banjo-filled, upbeat track that really carries that country feel, which kind of makes you wanna jump up and dance while nobody is looking. And if by chance you are not a dancing kind of person, then you for sure will shoot some whisky to this song. It’s fun, and you’ll want to be singing by the second verse.

Track seven, “All I Got and Gone”, is probably the saddest song on the album, though it won’t leave you feeling depressed (thank God!). It does bring its point across though the lyrics and piano music; there are clearly feelings of pain being expressed through this song. By the end, it will feel as if Branan read the words in your diary and turned them into a song. You will feel like you’ve been understood on an emotional level.

Any fan of country music, guitars, “real music”, cleverly crafted song lyrics, and dancing, will, if given the chance, probably take a liking to this album. In a lot of ways, I was very nervous about taking this album on to review because, as I stated earlier, I am normally not the biggest fan of country music, but every sterotype that popped into my head about the genre was broken. This album is fresh and upbeat while staying true to what real country music is all about.

Written by Jessica Valiquette

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