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I recently took an interest in Toronto-based hard rock band Crawl and their latest EP Anticipate The Fall. The band has been around since 1992 and recently re-formed in 2013 with Michael David Wolf as their new vocalist.

Crawl describes their sound as a ‘melodic punch in the gut’ and the opening track “Rise” – which is actually the band’s first new music recording since 1995 – serves as just that, setting the tone for the EP. Mike Wolf’s raw, aggressive voice compliments their sound without being obscured by the drums and guitar, reminding me of Rod Jackson, who lead the vocals on Slash’s Snakepit album Ain’t Life Grand, something I haven’t listened to in ages.

“Feel” opens with a grungy riff accompanied by the bass which gives it a heavier foundation. This becomes repetitive throughout the song, but what saves it from becoming too tedious are the vocals Mike delivers, making it a pretty catchy tune. This grungy tone can be felt throughout the album, except for the next song which is a lot more in-your-face. “Loaded” (the name says it all) lays right into you with its dirty guitar licks and punchy drum track. It wasn’t my favourite, but still enjoyable and full of energy.

The band describes “No Lies” as a ‘layered, anthemic, grunge-blues track’ and I couldn’t agree more. Stuart Green delivers an exceptional guitar solo and although the chorus is a little bit too repetitive for my liking, the vocals are at their best. Closing the EP is “A Little Left To Kill” which was written in 1994 but never formally released. What stood out on this track were the drum fills; I had been wanting more throughout the EP and finally got them. Other than that, this song delivered much of the same qualities as the previous tracks.

The band wants to pay tribute to and honour their roots while moving forward. Ultimately I enjoyed their EP and I would definitely go see them live if I had the chance. I like what they stand for, and that alone is enough to keep me wanting more.

Written by Jamie Markell

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